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Celebrating a Great 1st Year at Yacht Charters Guru

Cheers! A year ago this month, we officially launched our business www.YachtCharters.Guru, specializing in charter yacht vacations in the Virgin Islands. Many moons ago, Capt. Randy & I met this month a mere 33 years ago! We've had some great successes this year. Below are all the wonderful luxury sailing crewed charter yachts that we've booked.

It's Time to Celebrate Our 1st Year! As predicted, there has been a spike in new charter yacht boat broker bookings post-Memorial Day weekend. Recently, we felt like the "popular kids in the class" with all the new inquiries for Fall/Winter 2016 & Spring/Summer 2017 sailing vacation bookings! Everyone is ready to book a chartered yacht vacation! Our plans are to head back to the Virgin Islands in November to interview the private sailing charter yachts at the Fall Charter Yacht Shows. Afterwards, we're going to rent a Lagoon 52' Catamaran for our family and pretend to be bareboaters!

Take a moment to click each yacht photo to view their high resolution brochure. Enjoy the links to their luxury cruise videos on our YouTube Channel. Yes! We really booked all these yachts! There's nothing better than a virtual tour of a luxury catamaran, motor yacht or sail boat before you book your charter! Can you see yourself here? We have the inside scoop on all the yachts! ~Capt. Randy & Shelly Tucker

AKASHA 76′ 2005 Catamaran Guests: up to 10 | Crew: 4 Cabins: 5 | Showers: 5 All Inclusive: $46,800 - $49,900 VIDEO

BAMARANDI 67′ 2015 Catamaran Guests: up to 10 | Crew: 3 Cabins: 5 | Showers: 5 All Inclusive: $39,000 - $42,750 VIDEO

ENIGMA 62′ 2013 Catamaran Guests: up to 8 Crew: 3 Cabins: 4 | Showers: 4 All Inclusive: $26,000 - $33,000 VIDEO

McGREGOR II 58′ 1976 Motor Yacht Crewed Charter Guests: up to 6 | Crew: 2 Cabins: 3 | Showers: 3 All Inclusive: $13,000 - $17,000

SANDCASTLE 72′ 1981 Irwin Crewed Charter Sailboat Guests: up to 4 | Crew: 2 Cabins: 2 | Showers: 3 All Inclusive: $9,900 - $14,200 VIDEO

AMARA 60′ 2015 Catamaran Guests: up to 10 | Crew: 2 Cabins: 5 | Showers: 5 All Inclusive: $28,290 - $32,890 VIDEO

BRAVEHEART 58′ 2000 Catamaran Guests: up to 9 | Crew: 2 Cabins: 4.5 | Showers: 4 All Inclusive: $20,000 - $22,250 VIDEO

LONDON SKY- 62′ 2015 Cat Guests: up to 8 Crew: 3 Cabins: 4 | Showers: 4 All-Inclusive: $31,000 - $35,000 VIDEO

DRUMBEAT 1 72' 1984 Irwin Ketch Sailboat Crewed Charter Guests: up to 8 | Crew: 2/3 Cabins: 4 | Showers: 4 All Inclusive: $14,500 - $18,500 Scuba Diving

THREE MOONS 72' 1983 Irwin Ketch Sailboat Guests: up to 8 | Crew: 2/3 Cabins: 4 | Showers: 4 All Inclusive: $15,000 - $19,000 VIDEO

About Us: Captain Randy and Shelly Tucker

We're former Owners & Captain of the Award-winning 72' yacht Three Moons for 18 years. With over 300 charters in our logbook, we currently represent privately crewed Caribbean sailing luxury yacht charters as professional CYBA Associate yacht charter brokers. Recently, we interviewed over 120 catamarans, motor yachts, sailboats and professional crews. We're happy to promote these yachts offering modern conveniences & unlimited pleasure while sailing the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.

What should you expect from a luxury crewed yacht charter in the Caribbean?

It's "all about you, all the time" onboard a privately crewed charter boat! It's surprisingly affordable too! Far away from overcrowded cruise ships, all-inclusive charter yachts allow you to explore some of the Caribbean’s most exclusive areas and delight in the natural, unspoiled beauty of secluded islands, hidden coves and secret dive sites. Sail to a nearby island every day & snorkel around your own private beaches; enjoy your favorite cocktail while watching the sunset on your own private yacht; indulge yourself with 5-star gourmet cuisine that is prepared with Caribbean flair and served in the most beautiful surroundings you could ever imagine.

We love matching the right crew & yacht with you!

Visit our full site at: www.YachtCharters.Guru

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