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Crewed Yacht Charter:

We have experience with private charter yachts based in Greece. We feel that our time sailing in Greece years ago was what inspired us to continue exploring the world via private charter catamarans, motor yachts and sailboats. 


Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization. For us, it's all about history, the amazing food & the sailing around approximately 6000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited and beaches only accessible by a private charter yacht. There are 5 groups of Islands to explore. You might have to visit more than once! Enjoy the videos, itineraries and yacht links!


When to Charter a Crewed Yacht in Greece:

The yacht charter season in Greece begins in April and ends in October. High season for charter yachts is from the last week of July until the first week of September. Keep in mind that the water will still be chilly in April & May, but by June the water temperatures reach a pleasant 74°F. If snorkeling & swimming at beaches and anchorages are important, the months of June, July & August are ideal. Temperatures average between 73°F-86°F, making it the ideal time to go!

Low Season: May & October

Mid Season: June & September

High Season: July & August

(Cyclades area may be affected by Meltemi winds during the High Season)


Basic Facts About Chartering a Yacht in Greece: 
Charter rates are calculated in the Mediterranean by the "Base Rate" for the month you want to visit, plus the APA/Advance Provisioning Allowance plus VAT. Need help? Just ask us!

Visiting the Crewed Charter Yachts in Poros, Greece

Visiting the Crewed Charter Yachts in Poros, Greece

🇬🇷Greece has definitely made a name for itself in the field of luxury crewed yacht charter. The 20th East Med Multihull & Yacht Charter Show, recently held in Poros, Greece brought together over 100 yachts, underscoring this country's growing reputation in the yachting world. We were there! See the list of the award-winning culinary chefs on the yachts at this year's show and a video of some of our favorite highlights! This show allowed us to go onboard each of the yachts, inspect and meet the crews and enjoy their warm hospitality. Each time we go to this show, we feel more at home! And we learn helpful new details about where the crewed yachts like to take their guests on a week-long charter. The show also promoted an ecological footprint, in line with the “green” transformation of Poros, in the framework of the “GR-Eco Islands” initiative. It was Greece's culinary delights that provided yet another highlight of the event. Having the privilege of firsthand witnessing the best yachts available in the region let's promote the winning Chefs! Greece boasts an extensive range of agricultural products, including renowned items such as olives and olive oil, cheeses, wines, mastic, and saffron. These products have garnered international acclaim as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), earning prestigious distinctions for their exceptional quality and irresistible characteristics. Such recognition is not only a testament to the richness of Greek soil but also to the passion and traditional knowledge passed down through generations to the dedicated producers. Congrats to all the Winning Chefs in Each Competition: 💎 DIAMOND CATEGORY: Award-winning Crewed Yachts with a daily crewed charter rate over 5.000 Euro •1st Place: Skylark - Chef Caro Uy •2nd Place: - Chef Savvas Lichanidis •3rdPlace: - Chef Ibrahim Everest Tablescaping: •Above & Beyond - Menu Ralli 🍀 EMERALD CATEGORY: Award-winning Crewed Yachts with a daily crewed charter rate under 5.000 Euro •1st Place: For Sail - Chef Dimitris Fotopoulos •2nd Place: Vyno - Chef Georgios Spanakis •2nd Place: Valium 55 - Chef Konstantinos Tsakiridis Tablescaping: •For Sail - Sara McFann 💧 CYBA Designer Water Competition: The purpose of the contest is to highlight the great taste of water produced on board yachts, show the creativity of the yacht chefs, and demonstrate easy ways to eliminate the plastic water bottle waste on yachts. 💧 Diamond Category: •1st Place: Elly •2nd Place: Above & Beyond •3rd Place: Kimata 💧 Emerald Category: •1st Place: Tiamo •2nd Place: High Jinks •2nd Place: For Sail 🚩 Learn more about Crewed Yacht Charter Vacations in Greece: Video Credit: Studio Reskos
Sailing from Athens to Mykonos on Catamaran Sea Energy V Crewed Yacht Charter   HD 1080p

Sailing from Athens to Mykonos on Catamaran Sea Energy V Crewed Yacht Charter HD 1080p

Our Client's Comments: “The kids have just loved this adventure and they’re having a blast! This crew is wonderful. Today we saw dolphins and a red full moon and we barbecued on the beach! Every day has been packed with fun activities and special moments”. ❤️ SEA ENERGY V is a 2017 50’ Saba Catamaran that accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 Ensuite Queen Cabins. Brochure: :) Learn About the Crew on This Charter: CAPTAIN ALEX RETSINAS: Alex was born in 1981 in Piraeus. he has a leadership experience for 16 years as an officer of the Hellenic Navy. He holds many professional licenses such as GMDSS, open water SCUBA license (SSI Dive Pro), speed and sailing license, and finally, he has a high level of technical and mechanical experience from his studies on Naval Architecture in the University of Athens. He speaks English and French. Alex’s aim is to inspire his guests using his passion for fun water activities and having the best possible cooperation with his surroundings. He is very active as in his free time he enjoys swimming, free diving, scuba diving, climbing, tracking, writing, playing basketball, and capture moments and beautiful sights with his photography camera. And of course, sailing. He makes the perfect personality to be on board with his knowledge and kindness. CHEF KATERINA MOUSTAKA: Katerina is loveable for many reasons – the first is her smile and of course, let’s not forget the wonderful meals that she prepares. Katerina has worked in the hospitality industry for several years and for the past four years she has been working in the yachting industry. She has completed Le Monde cooking school in 2016. She specializes in Greek cuisine and uses her imagination to create wonderful dishes. Using only natural and traditional products her meals are healthy and exquisite. She holds a sailing and motor yacht license. STEWARD PAPANIKOLAOU VASILIS Vasilis was born in Greece in 1987. Communication and organization are two words that represent Vasilis. His responsible and respectfulness towards his working environment made him succeed in working under all types of conditions. With his unconditional love for the sea from a young age, his main goal is to cover as many miles as he can towards his dream job, and that's to be a Captain. He is happily optimistic and aiming to stay and learn the yachting industry as a lifelong career.
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