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Deals and last-minute specials come across our desk daily. Here's what you need to know before you inquire:


  • Number of Guests Ready to Go

  • Exact Dates Everyone in Your Group Can Travel

  • A Budget that Everyone Agrees Upon

  • Are Your Flights Available?


We've been onboard, inspected and interviewed the crews of nearly 300 crewed yacht charter catamarans in the Caribbean & Mediterranean. We love a good deal just as much as you do~ we are the Yacht Charter Insiders!


We represent many more crewed charter vacation deals than shown here, so please inquire for one that fits your budget and check out our latest newsletter link below for last-minute deals!

Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation Catamaran

72' Catamaran Laysan

Laysan is offering a 15% discount for the rest of the season - summer discount!!!
8 pax/7nights~ Regular rate: $47,000
Summer Discounted Rate: $40,420
May be prorated

Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation Catamaran

2020 74’ Sunreef “OCEAN VIBES”

Current Special: $10,000 discount for charters with 5 Guests or more booked before May 15th, 2022 & started before July 31st, 2022. Prorated for less than 7 nights.

Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation Catamaran

67' Catamaran True Story

10 % Discount on a Charter to run between April 16th - May 31st for up to 10 pax/7nights! Regular rate: $45,000 / Mother's Day rate: $40,500
This rate may be prorated for less days and less pax

Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation Catamaran

50' Catamaran MOON BLOSSOM in The Bahamas

Capt. Jamie & Thea are welcoming guests aboard in the Bahamas July 1 - September 11, 2022

Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation Catamaran

RELENTLESS 60 - 10% OFF MAY 14-21, 2022

Due to a cancellation, RELENTLESS is offering a 10% discount on a charter to take place the week of MAY 14-21, 2022.

Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation Catamaran

Lagoon 77 "ADRIATIC DRAGON" - Available weeks / Season 2022

Sail in luxury in Croatia this summer 2022 with 4 professional crew members!