Post-Yacht Charter Client Reviews

Sept 20-27, 2021 Catamaran OPAL / SPLIT TO DUBROVNIK

When we asked our client sailing in Croatia this week how his trip was aboard 62' Catamaran OPAL, he replied "Thanks for asking! The yacht, crew, and ALL outstanding! We are having great meals and stops at the islands. The weather is wonderful with sunny days & comfortable evenings. Wonderful Cheers! 🍷🎶🇨🇦!"

Sleeps up to 10 Guests in 5 Queen Ensuite Cabins

Sept. 10-17, 2021 56' Catamaran BOOM / ATHENS TO MYKONOS

“Having a great time! Thanks for checking on us!” ~ S.D.

Sept. 4-11, 2021 52' Catamaran Valium52 / ATHENS TO ATHENS

"Dear Yacht Charters Guru,

I couldn’t have asked for a better match with this boat and crew.


The amount of space, especially with the screened-in area above in the Captains area was a bonus. Baby Charlotte really enjoyed that area and Capt. Roberto was always fun to chat with as we cruised along. Josh even used it for sleeping quarters a few nights because his bunkmate was snoring too loud😂


We felt like we had the most experienced and knowledgeable Captain in Greece. His ability to maneuver that boat in tight quarters and to secure us a space at the docks was amazing, especially at Hydra. He ended up helping other boaters that were struggling on a couple of occasions. Maria was also phenomenal. She actually injured her shoulder a few days into the trip but was as tough as could be in continuing to provide docking support, delicious meals, and service.


The nice thing is that we had members in our family who have managed larger boats on the Great Lakes so Joe provided a helping hand with the lines which he actually loved doing and Capt. Roberto and Maria appreciated. Of course, they were always mindful to keep everyone safe.


Charters in Greece are expensive but with the number of people that we had on board, we felt it was a good value. Your advice to increase the allotment for our APA expenses was good advice. We owed a little for fuel at the end but the cost came close and it was nice to not worry about needing to pay anything significant.


Overall we were extremely pleased and would highly recommend Valium 52, Yacht Guru, Roberto, and Maria. Except for some exceptionally windy and cool weather, which the crew managed well with an additional night in port, everything was perfect.


Thanks again for all of the work that you put into servicing this trip. I know it was exceptional with all of the interruptions and uncertainties due to Covid.


BTW we also experienced some milestones with Baby Charlotte on the trip. She learned to crawl, wave and was working on standing unsupported (on a moving boat😬). Standing on land should come quickly. The most memorable part of the trip for me was watching how much fun my kids had with each other and the crew. We could have been anywhere in the world but being in this beautiful location made it all even better.


Thanks again and I am sure this won’t be our last charter." L.P.

Sept. 4-11, 2021 62' Catamaran OPAL-DUBROVNIK TO SPLIT, CROATIA

“Thank y’all for setting this up. The cruise has been great! The boat, captain, crew have been superior. The food has been excellent. Their choices on where to go have been outstanding!” ~Tommy

August 1, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Allure 64

To Allure & Crew, I’m writing this review on behalf of our family & friends. To say that our vacation was wonderful is an understatement! Capt. Scott & Niki were excellent hosts with impeccable attention to our every need. Each day was planned around our wishes with the perfect combination of adventure relaxation, celebration & laughter. Scott kept us safe with a gentle smile and was always on the lookout for our every need. The meals prepared by Niki were all truly a culinary experience. Every meal was a special treat!

Scott & Niki are true professionals with obvious attention to detail. Their experience in the yachting industry translated into a trip of a lifetime!

July 31, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Ocelot

"Thank you for amazing memories, sporty sea shanties, froo-froo drinks & breezy sails. We love it all! It was a really fun & relaxing week. I'm so thankful to have had a crew we could joke around with! ~ The Turners"

July 19, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Respite At Sea

"It is hard to put into words how wonderful our vacation was. Ross and Dee are over the top! They work so well together and are so attentive. The food was incredible, and the presentation was so beautiful. Ross has some mad napkin folding skills! They were so respectful of the catamaran. You would have thought it was their personal property. The diving and snorkeling were fantastic. From the time we arrived until we reluctantly had to be dropped off they made us feel so welcome. We would definitely recommend them to friends or book another trip with them. Thank you so much for booking us with them!” ~Jo G"

July 17, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran  Shangri La

"Having a great time!" and the photos show it! The LeBert Group

July 17, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Nutmeg

"We are having a great time. Just dived Wreck Alley off Cooper Island. Diving the Wreck of the Rhone tomorrow & going to the Willy T. the next day! Talk to you soon, -Jeff T."

July 5, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran White Coral

"White Coral is a beautiful boat and we've been having a great time. The captain and chef are nice. We would book it again. Thanks!" ~ N. Broadbent

July 5, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Azulia II

"Loved our charter in the USVI. The crew was great. The food was fancy and delicious and there were lots of activities to do each day. The boat felt like home and all the cozy touches & elevated details made a big difference. The crew worked within everyone's dietary restrictions & interests for a fun family vacation. Excellent! Don't hesitate to book!" 

July 3, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Seahome

"Wow, Wow! What an amazing adventure you guys took us on! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful experience. Everything was perfect. You are the very best at what you do! Cheers!" ~ The Hawkins Family

July 1, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran O.V.

"We’ve been on the go so much I wanted to sit down and spend time on the review because it deserves my attention. You were amazing to work with and the crew on the OV amazing! We will be back next summer! We may book a larger yacht through you. But seriously cannot thank you enough for your amazing service. And captain RJ and his wife…. Wow! ~ The Turners

June 13, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Callista

"Everything is going great! We couldn’t have asked for a better crew! Yacht Charters Guru provided personal and professional service in every aspect of our trip. From selecting the boat, crew and itinerary, even airline assistance, everything was covered. Most importantly when the corona crisis doomed our trip, they guided us through the process of rescheduling our June 2020 trip until June 2021 with no additional cost. While we were fortunate that the yacht owner graciously accepted our rescheduling request, we would never have been successful in accomplishing this without the Yacht Gurus. I can't thank them or recommend them enough! ~ T. Robins

May 31, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Abundance

May 17, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Kuma Too

"Not any words to describe how happy we were. They are incredible people, so sweet! The cooking was gourmet every single night. They worked SO hard the whole time. I came out of my cabin every morning and there was a cup of coffee waiting for me. They made us feel like family. I can’t thank you enough! We're rebooking Kuma Too next year!” ~J.G

May 4, 2021 Post Charter Review Touch the Sky

"Crew Friendliness: We have done a few of these charters before and Ben, Jody and Troy were extremely friendly, welcoming and integrated really well with the personalities on the boat.

2. Crew Knowledge: They had an answer for everything.  With varying levels of experience in the job, they all knew their role well, had great local knowledge of the islands, reefs, coves we visited. On-Board Cuisine: Excellent.  Jody was amazing with the meals she put together for us.  Planning and preparing for 12 people 3 times a day is not an easy task and she made it look easy.  Also not easy to please everyone every meal (especially with this crowd) and she did a great job accommodating everyone. Destination / Location:  The islands in the USVI are beautiful.  Ben was really accommodating with getting us to daily/nightly destinations that met the groups' preferences.  We stayed in some amazing, quiet and secluded spots which was our preference.  There were really only a couple destinations that were a bit crowded." ~ D. Rubenstein

May 4, 2021 Post Charter Review Winter's Coming

"The vacation was amazing. We set some really high bars on our last 3 catamaran trips and we are thrilled to report that the boat/crew far exceeded them. Definitely, the best food we’ve ever had on a boat and Sergio/Neen’s attitude/energy was fantastic. The USVI's greatly surprised us as well - excellent snorkeling, dive spots, scenery, etc. 


Back to the real world ... nothing fun about that! I’ll fill out your questionnaire soon after I put out all these fires.


And BTW - you’ve been the best broker we’ve ever used! I like how you reached out to us before, during, and after the vacation. Will return to y’all in the future!" 

April 18, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Shangri La
How was your satisfaction with...

1. Crew Friendliness: great 
2. Crew Knowledge: great 
3. Quality of Service: great 
4. The Professionalism of Crew: great 
5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter: OK 
6. On-Board Cuisine: great 
7. Destination / Location: Good. 
8. Variety & Quality of Water-Sports Equipment: good 
9. Overall Satisfaction: great 

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? The entire trip was very good. 

Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience? No addtl comments." ~O.K. 


April 10, 2021 Post Charter Review for Motor Yacht Beachfront

"The trip was absolutely AMAZING! I would give the entire crew a 10 on every question below. I could not imagine a better crew. BEACHFRONT is a great choice for cruising the Bahamas. ~C. Koon

"The trip was awesome. The crew was great. The toys were better than advertised  Some serious pampering. ~ C. Allison


March 8, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Anastasia

The trip was fantastic aboard Catamaran Anastasia.  10/10 on everything.  The food was delicious and Lesli and Ryan did a great job of making sure we were comfortable at all times.  The memorable highlight for me was the day Ryan took us to shore.  We returned to a decorated yacht.  Lesli had hung streamers/balloons and birthday decorations to celebrate my birthday.  She definitely went the extra mile to make sure I felt special! I feel like we made a couple of new friends in Lesli and Ryan.  I would definitely recommend them to someone interested in touring the Virgin Islands.

Reggie, Colleyville, TX


February 28, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Azulia II

"We had a delightful week with Dan and Sarah aboard Azulia II.  They are both warm, positive, smart, and interesting people.  As Barn and I approach our 70th birthdays, the time together with our wives relaxing onboard in beautiful surroundings is really what appeals to us.  Dan and Sarah recognized that we were quite happy in and around the yacht without having the need or desire to off-board each day.  We enjoyed a hike in Reiff’s Bay, a snorkel somewhere (I forget where), swims around Azulia, sunbathing on board (Queen), a lunch at Lime-Out, and a dinner at ZoZo’s. 


I’ll answer your specific questions below:

1. Crew Friendliness: 

Wonderful.  Both Dan and Sarah are positive seeking to help their guests enjoy their week in any way they can.  We hit it off with them immediately and for the full duration of our stay.

2. Crew Knowledge: 

Outstanding.  We were fully confident in their expertise in every aspect of their work whether sailing, meals or repairs.  They also helped when I twinged my back and Mary cut her foot.

3. Quality of Service:

Excellent.  Always with a smile.

4. The Professionalism of Crew: 

Excellent.  It became clear quite quickly that our crew was eager to provide a high level of professionalism in all aspects of service.  Yet they displayed a genuine warmth and excitement that we enjoyed.  Crew and guests all enjoyed saying “Attitude”.  

5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter: 

Obviously the corona virus pandemic made this a more expensive trip than we had originally planned.  Nevertheless, Barn and Ginny and Mary and me felt the trip well worthwhile.  A week on Azulia was heaven.  The yacht is magnificent, well maintained and roomy (especially with just four guests).

6. On-Board Cuisine: 

Outstanding.  Sarah is an excellent chef.  You would be pleased.  We enjoyed fabulous meals every day. 


7. Destination / Location:

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring areas of St. Thomas and St. John but we did miss the BVI.  The past year has taught everyone to be more flexible and we thoroughly enjoyed our USVI sail.  I don’t think it will surprise you we hope to add the BVI back in future sails.

8. Quality & Variety of Water-Sports & Equipment

For our age, we are in excellent shape; however, water sports are no longer a priority.

9. Overall Satisfaction: 

10 of 10.  We loved it.

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? 
The sail yesterday from Magen’s Bay to Charlotte Amalie was a marvelous finale.  We “raced” another yacht head to head for much of the sail.  It was spectacular.


Thanks for all of your help to line up a perfect week.~The Platinum Club

February 25, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Neuroseas

1. Crew Friendliness:   Extremely friendly
2. Crew Knowledge:  Captain knew the routes, the best places to harbor, and brought us to some terrific locations.
3. Quality of Service:  Excellent
4. The Professionalism of Crew:   They were terrific, but not so professional that they were unable to fit in and be fun
5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter:  I didn't pay, so not sure!
6. On-Board Cuisine:   4 star - actually, probably 5 star.  Amazing food!
7. Destination / Location:  Delightful!  And a picnic on a small deserted beach one day that was breathtaking
8. Quality & Variety of Water-Sports & Equipment:  Good enough.
9. Overall Satisfaction:   VERY SATISFIED! We had a great time! 

Barbara B.

January 13-20, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Rumba

We had a fabulous time.  This trip was with great friends that we have traveled with before and for our 24th anniversary!  We would definitely book again and loved every minute of it.  I wrote a review on google but wanted to include this below:

 on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest

1. Crew Friendliness:   10

2. Crew Knowledge:     10

3. Quality of Service:    8  (maybe a room towel and linen change at least one time)

4. The Professionalism of Crew:   10

5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter:   10

6. On-Board Cuisine:   9 (more seafood!!!  And maybe more attention to the preference sheet)

7. Destination / Location: 10 

8. Water-Sports:   11 on the snorkeling

9. Overall Satisfaction:   10


We had the best experience.  Hope this helps with your next charter.  It was our first charter so nothing to go off of and we had a fabulous time. The crew was awesome.  

D. Arndt

November 21-27, 2020 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Ventana

1. Crew Friendliness:  A++

2. Crew Knowledge:   A++

3. Quality of Service:  A++

4. The Professionalism of Crew:   A++

5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter:   Well of course, we would love for it to cost less but you get what you pay for!


If you have not experienced Christina's culinary extraordinaire experience, then I think you guys need to indulge.

7. Destination / Location:  Absolutely love the location of the USVI's and even more now that I do not want to spend our money where it is not welcomed, i.e., the BVI's

8. Water-Sports:   I did not personally do any water sports other than stand-up paddleboard and apparently, I am not very good but still had fun.  Kids loved them.

9. Overall Satisfaction:   Completely satisfied with all that you delivered.  We will go again when we can.


What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation?   The Thanksgiving Feast prepared by Christina (Seafood Feast); Captain Richard's knowledge and love of what he is doing.  Pure relaxation and enjoyment had by our two families. 


Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience?   We would highly recommend this charter by your company to others along with the recommendation of The Ventana, Capt. Richard and Christina as crew.  They worked themselves to the bone and did so with smiles and love.  Also, our driver that picked us up at the airport to dock and return was an absolutely wonderful man too.  I would recommend him as well.


We want to thank you for supplying us with all the information we needed to get through the COVIDmania traveling.  The only thing that could have made this trip better would have been to delete COVIDmania and allow us to be on shore together at a restaurant.  We usually enjoyed going ashore for a meal or two but didn't even bother since we could not sit together and wanted to avoid all the hysteria.


Again, thank you for a memorable experience.  


The Clark & Moerbe Families, TX 


November 23, 2020,  Post-Charter Review for Catamaran Karma

1. Crew Friendliness: Absolutely fantastic, great couple, very professional as crew, they crushed it!

2. Crew Knowledge: Very good. Capt.Tom knows his way around a boat and seems to be able to fix anything. He’s a little less experienced with the nuances of finding the perfect mooring spot or dive site for the conditions (but we are experienced divers and he knew that), eating places, but knew all the beautiful places to see and made sure we found them. Always safe, professional, both are good sailors, super friendly, lovely, and helpful. Hannah is an absolute gem and the two of them work very well together, patient with changes or requests, never intrusive. We really want to adopt them and keep them forever!!

3. Quality of Service: Excellent

4. The Professionalism of Crew: Excellent
5. Value of the Charter: We got a great deal in my opinion. Obviously, the charter was discounted by a huge amount. We didn’t eat out very much (only one lunch and one dinner) because Hannah was an excellent chef and the way the itinerary worked, we really ended up in remote places, but we liked that!
6. On-Board Cuisine: Excellent
7. Destination / Location: Great. I like the BVIs better because of the variety, but we sailed to St Croix which was a first for me, and there are plenty of places around St John and STT to play and enjoy.
8. Water-Sports: Great, both Tom and Hannah did a great job facilitating diving both from the dinghy and the yacht, Tom came snorkeling (and diving of course) with us, we used the paddleboards and floats a lot, wish we could’ve done some tubing which we didn’t have time to try.
9. Overall Satisfaction: Amazingly wonderful.  Can't wait to do it again.

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? 
~Sleeping under the stars on the flybridge, star gazing, diving, body surfing at Trunk Bay, conversations, being under sail (cant pick just one)

Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience? 

Thank you so much for finding us this option. We couldn’t be more pleased with everything!

N. Ehrhart, Colorado

February 20-25, 2020

Post-Charter Questionaire / Catamaran Mahasattva

1. Crew Friendliness:  Never having done something similar, I didn’t know what to expect from the crew.  After our trip, I can't imagine how we could find a better crew.  Not only were they highly professional, they also provided the perfect mix of engagement and space.  They knew exactly when and how to interact with us.  This crew was outstanding!

2. Crew Knowledge:  Excellent

3. Quality of Service: Excellent

4. The Professionalism of Crew: Excellent

5. Value of the Cost of the Charter:  

6. On-Board Cuisine:  Excellent

7. Destination / Location:  Excellent

8. Water-Sports: Excellent

9. Overall Satisfaction:  Excellent


What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation?  Every moment/meal/dance party/ game/ swim break we spent on the back deck eating, drinking and listening to music.


Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience?


Would you use the services of Yacht Charters Guru in the future?  yes


Would you recommend Yacht Charters Guru to a friend or colleague?  yes

~Nick Moulinet

February 15-20, 2020

"The trip with Captain Jake and Stephanie on Catamaran Dreamcatcher was over the top. They are extremely professional and amazing. Each meal was delicious. They provided everything we wanted. They know the area very well. Each location they took us to was perfect. The main point that really stands out is their knowledge of sailing. We hit a strong storm (45 knots). We never felt unsafe because they worked together as a team. I HIGHLY recommend this crew.


You will be hearing from us again as our hope is to repeat this same trip next year and extending it for a full week. Overall this was a fabulous vacation. Working with YachtCharters.Guru on the planning was great. We are definitely going to give you guys a well-deserved review.


Thank you again for all the time and work to give us this perfect vacation.

Can't wait to plan our next trip with you guys" 😊❤️~Jean D. 

February 2-9, 2020

To Capt. Terry & Ruth Ross on 62' Catamaran The Big Dog: "Thanks for all of the Dinghy rides, Thanks for all the fabulous FOOD, Thanks for all the special DETAILS. You two ROCK!! You two make a great TEAM! After such a great week, you are now officially part of our family!"

"We loved every minute with you, the food and the excellent service. We hope to see you again soon!"

Love, Barb

"On our first visit-30 years ago, we drove to the airport with tears in our eyes. We knew we had to be back. It will happen again. Today-This time we fell like we are leaving family behind."

Brock J. 

January 5-12, 2020

Thank you, Capt. Kyle, Chef Tim and Stew Miranda for a fab week aboard Catamaran Dolphin Daze! Lots of great memories were made; Foxy's (bug bites & all!), a day of pain killer drinks on the beach at the Soggy Dollar Bar and a wonderful windy celebration at the full moon party at Trellis Bay were just a few of the highlights. Ava loved her scuba diving experience & Carson couldn't get enough of jumping off the top of the boat over & over again. Thanks for all the great memories, tasty food & delicious drinks. Team Canada! Michael, Miranda, Ava, Carson, Kathy & Admiral Tom


December 29-5, 2020

“Brittany & Michael on Catamaran Tabula Rasa, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! We could not have asked for nor could we imagine any better pair to Captain a week of magic for our family. We LOVED every minute learning from y’all, playing with y’all in and out of the water, and getting to know y’all this week. Thank you for spoiling us in every way possible. We had the BEST week on Tabula Rasa. All thanks to the calm, relaxing, balanced with fun and positive energy you both exude. Did you ever imagine so many questions could be asked? Wishing you both the best until we meet again! 


November 23-29, 2019

Capt. Dylan & Chef Gi on Catamaran Slivochka

Thank you for making this first voyage for our kiddos such a success! Jack & I have dreamed of introducing then to such a vacation. Your patience, attention to all of the details, and special touches made it a perfect trip. Magdalene (9 yrs old) will forever remember the snorkeling, getting to touch a jellyfish diving down to touch a rock, seeing a grand sea turtle, and of course her new special friend “Rob” the Conch. :) Capt. Dylan, your patience & guidance helped make all of these things possible. Jaxie (8 yrs old) loved sitting on the nets with the wind blowing on her face, snorkeling tubing & of course the early morning chats with you both. Maverick (4 yrs old) first tubing experience, searching for shells, and he will likely keep dreaming of Gi’s sweets for years to come! Truly, a wonderful, fabulous journey with you both. The pirate Thanksgiving lunch was a terrific treat.

Until next time,

Amanda & Jack, Magdalene, Jaxie & Maverick

July 2019

“The kids have just loved this Greek sailing adventure on Sea Energy V and they’re having a blast! This crew is wonderful. Today we saw dolphins and a red full moon and we barbecued on the beach! Every day has been packed with fun activities and special moments”.

1. Crew Friendliness: Excellent!

2. Crew Knowledge: Excellent!

3. Quality of Service: Very good

4. The Professionalism of Crew: Excellent!

5. Value of the Cost of the Charter: Excellent!

6. On-Board Cuisine: Good

7. Destination / Location: Good

8. Water-Sports: Excellent!

9. Overall Satisfaction: Excellent!


What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? 

Paros nightlife, dolphins, the red full moon, big waves, the beach barbeque!

❤️~ The Spencers, July 21, 2019

 “We are having the time of our lives here with Captain Ben and Michelle on Catamaran Excess. They are taking the very best care of us. We explored all of the island today and plan on doing some diving in the morning.” 

~Mark & Courtnia, Georgia

July 20, 2019


June 2019


We just completed a week in Greece aboard charter catamaran Sea Energy V for 10 guests. For most people chartering a boat is a big deal. It's a financial commitment and requires advanced planning. I would only want to charter a boat using Capt. Randy & Shelly via YachtCharters.Guru as our broker. They were the key to making the entire process smooth and stressfree all the way from the boat selection, the contract review, answering a million questions that we had, plus coordinating with the boat captain. Professionalism and customer service were 100%. Our vacation was spectacular! The boat, meals and the crew, and our itinerary exceeded our expectations. Shelly even checked in with us during the trip to ensure we were happy. Thank you for being a big part of making our dream vacation come true! 

L. Martin

June 23, 2019


Shelly & Capt. Randy Tucker at Yacht Charters Gurus are truly top-of-the-line professionals and I can't recommend them highly enough! They helped us plan an amazing crewed charter vacation to Greece on Catamaran Valium 62 and were available both during the trip and in the months leading up to it with answers to all our questions, even the silliest ones. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and responsive and I highly recommend them! We will be using YachtCharters.Guru again soon! 

S. Caparella

June 19, 2019

Our charter on Valium 62 beat all expectations. Wonderful food, friendly people, beautiful country. The Valium 62 was definitely our favorite part. We were spoiled rotten for 7 days while cruising the Cyclades by the fantastic crew who we now call our friends. I highly recommend it!

J. Buettner

June 16, 2019

A+++ trip!

What can we say about our vacation with Jason, Kate and Miss T on 62' Catamaran Foxy Lady? We’ve been blessed to take some nice trips in our life and this was, without question, the best vacation we’ve ever taken. A fabulous vessel with attention to detail, kindness, service, creativity, amazing food, fishing, snorkeling, skiing, tubing, wake-boarding, exploring, special attention to birthday celebrations (two 50-year-olds and one forty-year-old celebration), games, laughter, music, friendship....we could go on and on. 

One more important note, the captain and crew treated our 13-year-olds like their own, constantly keeping them entertained and having fun; which is not always easy. I would trust them again with our children...100%. We also knew safety was the top priority from the moment we stepped on our boat.

When we left for home, we were sad to see the week go by so fast but happy to have gained three new friends. My hope is that we can stay in touch and cross paths again.

Thank you Kate, Jason, and Miss T!

Much love, The Kelso’s and Hawkins

June 8, 2019

April 2019

"We all truly enjoyed our cruise on Xenia 62 last week … Myself, Paul, our daughter, and her family ... The boys were particularly delighted to enjoy all the warm weather activities a couple of months ahead of our summertime! Both Capt. Matt and Tara were fun, pleasant, attentive, and most helpful in creating this memorable week in The BVI’S." Paul & Sandra G., NY

April 22, 2019

Catamaran Viramar: "What a team. Tyler and Erika made this trip very special. They are super easy going and ready to cater to your destination, entertainment and comfort wishes. Their knowledge of the area and the terrific things to do made our trip so much fun. We sailed. We fished. We scuba dived. We explored. And, we partied! Tyler is an excellent leader for all things boating and Erika is too… and is also a fabulous host and cook. She made every meal artfully and delicious too. Can truly say they are our friends. Can’t wait to catch up with them again." P. Pessel, VA / Our Vacation Video: Cold Harbor Films,

April 11, 2019

Catamaran Azulia II: "Graham and Pam were exceptional. They were incredibly professional, extremely competent, and wonderfully experienced. The food was absolutely phenomenal. The vessel was perfectly immaculate. They always went above and beyond for each and every one of their guests. We would definitely sail with Graham and Pam again and again." T. Hetherington, VA

April 11, 2019

Catamaran Elysium:

"I loved the actual sailing, so I was happiest when the boat was moving!

1. Crew Friendliness: 10
2. Crew Knowledge: 10
3. Quality of Service: 10
4. The professionalism of Crew: 10

Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience?   Just to send my gratitude to you all. I appreciate the communication and friendly reminders. I will totally recommend you to our friends and I hope to use you again someday!" K. Ingles, CA

April 6, 2019

March 2019

“Our most recent charter on Catamaran Bagheera was perfect for our group with a great time enjoyed by all - great food, beautiful beaches. Wonderful memories for all! We have worked with Randy and Shelly Tucker over the past 10 years. We are so loyal because they always exceed our exceptions and perform at the highest level. We just returned from a weeklong charter in the BVI’s on a yacht they brokered through their Yacht Charters Guru business: our trip was amazing and a 100% success!” D&A, New Mexico 

Mar 18, 2019

"It could not have been better. Five Manhattanites blissfully chilling out. Capt. Ben and Michelle on Catamaran EXCESS couldn't be lovelier. Capable, welcoming and great hosts. We are all so happy!" M. Liscio,

March 12, 2019

February 2019

The crew on Catamaran THE ANNEX was really a nice group of people.  First Mate Lloyd just smiled and laughed the whole time.  Chef Jess was very sweet and warm and Capt. Ricky kept us moving.  And yes, it was a very good idea to have dinner with them early on as we did get to know them quicker.

"We chartered Catamaran PLAYTIME out of St. Thomas and sailed around the BVI’s for the week. Fabulous!!" Donna, Franklin TN ~ June 16, 2018 


"I polled our group that went on a charter vacation aboard Catamaran ULTRA and they all said that they would do it again! Jack, NY ~ May 20, 2018


"Everyone had a wonderful time. I thought 10 days was the perfect amount of time onboard Catamaran MANNA . Wayne & Emily bent over backward to make sure we were happy. I liked how Wayne made sure everyone was comfortable scuba diving and he is a good instructor. The boat was nice and we thought it was the perfect size for 6 guests. Emily is a great cook. The whole experience was good & we would like to book Catamaran Manna again!” Stuart, Marathon, FL ~ May 15, 2018


"We loved Catamaran MARIANN .   Thanks for the recommendation! We will definitely do it again...not soon enough!" Michelle, TN May 14, 2018


"Yacht Charters Guru was the best for planning our charter. Shelly answered all our questions promptly and we enjoyed every minute of our vacation!!"🏝Christine ~ March 9, 2018


“We had the most amazing adventure. But in a nutshell, everyone should sail with Risa and Marcus on Catamaran NEVERLAND once in their life. You made life and the planning so easy thanks for everything”. Jamie ~ March 6, 2018


January 2018

"110%!! You are the epitome of what excellent customer service/experience feels and looks like. From the moment I first made an online inquiry you have been attentive, thoughtful, asked all the right questions, didn’t beat around the bush and kept us very informed. You provide a very personalized touch and approach. Extremely attentive and responsive. You have been just wonderful!”


 "Really wonderful and helpful company, look forward to booking with them again in the future."


"Randy and Shelly know everything there is to know about booking your charter yacht vacation. They've been guests and chartered themselves. They are literally experts in this arena. You won't be disappointed."


"We had a superior experience booking a yacht with Yacht Charters Guru! We look forward to returning to the Caribbean for a crewed yacht charter. Thanks y'all for helping us make the most of our vacation!"


"Our family had a "once in a lifetime" trip with Yacht Charters Guru! From the moment we booked our boat to the very end of our vacation Shelly helped us every step of the way. She gave us advice on everything from where to fly into and her favorite places to visit in the islands. Even though we said it was "once in a lifetime" we can't wait to do it again!"


"Quick to respond to our questions and great with matching the right yacht for our interests & needs! I can't wait to sail again!"

"Very pleased with the yacht and location!" ~SEF 


November 2018

You all had your hands full with the Chris 50th Birthday Cruising and Boozing Crew on Catamaran LIR. We were greeted with smiles and hospitality that never ended!! The boat remained spotless, the food amazing and the sailing beautiful. We were able to get everyone in and out of the tender without any oops! HA HA HA. Chris´s birthday lobster feast was so well set up and well beyond what we expected. We enjoyed a 21lbs Turkey, which only just fitted the oven! It was an absolute feast! Night time fish watching and star gazing. We are BLESSED to have shared this experience with both sets of our parents and two best friends that are like family. 


-Greg Vanessa and Amanda are the perfect trio- complementing each other with a full team effort. We cannot thank you enough for making memories of this trip we each will cherish!!!
-Chris & Mel and Birthday Crew


Melanie said it all! Thank you for the wonderful adventure! XXOO
- Mike and Barb


Ditto. Thank you for the unforgettable adventures!! You guys are a wonderful crew!
-Mike and Sherry


Hey Guys, great job! The food was very, very good including the service. Thanks for giving our son Chris, the best 50th birthday party ever! Thanksgiving dinner was better than best . . . amazing! Hope you enjoyed the music! When we get home and look at the pictures, we will be able to enjoy the trip over and over again! Thanks so much for being a part of our lives! God Bless all of you!
-With our love,
Bob & Bernie


July 2017

From Nancy: 
"We sailed aboard the yacht Kestrel with Captain Andrew & Chef/ First Mate Kailee July 1st to 8th. There were 8 of us which included our children & grandkids. By far this was our best vacation ever! The boat was spacious, clean, and well maintained and exceeded our expectations. Andrew took us to amazing snorkeling locations, fun, beach bars, shopping, and made sure our every wish was executed perfectly. My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary aboard and Andrew served as our officiate for our vow renewal (which was a surprise to me). Kailee was an amazing chef even baked us a special cake for our anniversary. We had 3 hot meals every day that was wonderful. Andrew and Kailee were such great hosts I got teary when we left. It felt as though we were leaving family. We will cherish the great memories of this vacation." 


From Joe: 
"I was happy that the crew knew immediately how to get in the groove with the younger people on the boat. Of course, Nancy & I didn't have a clue what they were talking about most of the time; but we really liked how the crew connected with everyone. Andrew did a super great job of performing a mock wedding ceremony to celebrate our 20th anniversary and the cake was fantastic. The cabins & beds were plenty big enough. The yacht is really clean & in good shape. I liked how Andrew always managed to anchor away from all the other boats. That gave us some nice space on a busy week. We may never be able to pay for a trip like this for our family again, but we sure are happy that we did it once on catamaran Kestrel." 


June 27 2017

"It was truly one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. The crew on Catamaran Lolalita couldn't have done anything better. They were very easy to be around, friendly, humorous & fun to hang around with. All this while doing their jobs with ease & always trying to accommodate us in all areas. We felt like they were part of our "family". They made this trip extremely enjoyable. They were very knowledgeable about all aspects of the boat & made us feel very secure. Every meal was top notch, tasty & presentation was always beautiful. The charter was well worth every penny we paid. Never being to BVI, everywhere we went was better than the one before in some way. Loved it all! Capt. Gio knew exactly where to go for good, dives, snorkeling or to just sit back & enjoy the beauty. There was plenty of things for all of us to do. Overall satisfaction was definitely a 10/10 for me. Can't wait to be able to do it again!! Thanks for all that you did for us YachtCharters.Guru!"
~ L. Thompson, North Carolina


May 23, 2017
Thanks for arranging this amazing trip for us aboard Catamaran Amara!!!! We have loved every second, and Nathan and Penny are the best!!!!"

~D. Howington, Texas


April 3, 2017
To Catamaran Eclipse: Capt. Jack, Jaimey & Mel- We had a wonderful week with you guys. I find it incredible that you can pay attention to all of the details and be so laid back & fun to be with at the same time. The boat, the food, the water sports, the BVI's were all fantastic. Thanks for Everything!

~C. Fernandes, Texas


March 14, 2017
The crew of Catamaran XENIA 74 was very friendly, professional & very knowledgeable about sailing and the Virgin Islands. The service was impeccable! The value of the cost of the charter was good! Cuisine was awesome! The Crew took care of everything! All water sports were offered. We would book Xenia 74 again. Loved every minute and will definitely contact you again for our next charter. Will also share your info with anyone interested in traveling to the BVI! Many thanks! L. Aldridge

March 14, 2017
Allison and I couldn’t of asked for a better trip on catamaran Xenia 74 and staff than any event we’ve ever been on! We give them “10’s” across the board! Please don’t do anything different because you have one hell of a process in play! Thanks again for all you and the crew did to ensure our wonderful vacation!

The Boudreaux Family

March 7, 2017
What an incredible trip on catamaran Xenia 74!! We loved our crew, Gareth, Kristine and Jesse!! They were incredibly knowledgeable, professional and accommodating!! I give all three crew a “10”!! The food was fantastic!! Kristine is a wonderful chef as well as a hardworking crew member!! Everything was presented beautifully and things were always pristine!! I absolutely loved this trip and would recommend it to friends and family!! Thank you again!!

Leslie 'n Craig McDonnold Midland, TX

March 3, 2017
My favorite memory of our tandem yacht charter trip aboard Catamaran Akasha & Catamaran Bamarandi was simply watching the bonding of all of our children & grandchildren with each other. I loved watching all the little cousins play in the water. The food on both yachts was exquisite! I cannot say enough about how both the crews were always there for us, offering whatever we needed and checking on us. This trip was a great way for 13 people to travel together. I particularly liked how whenever I called Shelly at YachtCharters.Guru, no matter if it was day or night, she was always there to answer the phone and my questions. I will miss our regular phone calls! We so appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thanks so very much! Rose Marie Bravo and Bill Jackey

March 3, 2017
Hello, Shelly.
We just wanted to say thank you for all your help organizing our family’s tandem vacation on Catamaran Bamarandi. What a wonderful time away we all had. It far surpassed any expectations we may have had, and will be the topic of choice when discussing our best memories for years to come.
As our family spent most of our time on board Bamarandi, we felt it would be appropriate to comment on our experience. From the first time we stepped on deck, we were welcomed with open hearts. Donald and Audrey worked tirelessly to ensure we were always comfortable, entertained, and extremely well cared for and well-fed! We were so impressed with their level of professionalism and competence. They were always mindful of our children, whether it was looking out for their safety while playing with all the amazing toys, instructing and leading them in scuba diving, or just spending time entertaining them with Caribbean stories, history and card tricks! Of course, the kids enjoyed their time with Richard as well, who made our stay so comfortable, they were wishing he would come home with us!! The boat itself is lovely and modern. It was meticulously kept and very comfortable for our large family of 7. There’s just something so relaxing about being gently rocked to sleep each night! We can’t say enough about our vacation on board the Bamarandi. Our only warning to future guests would be to take care, because once you sail with them, you may never want to go anywhere else ever again!
Best regards, Chris and Diane Jackey


Ava M.
February 24, 2017
We had been waiting for the moment to board the Catamaran Lotus for MONTHS! Our time on the Lotus lived up to all the expectations we had. it is going to be almost impossible to ever go back to a resort or to go back to every night cooking, because the Lotus crew spoiled us (We enjoyed it very much). It was wonderful watching Carson jump in the water and go snorkeling for the first time by himself. I loved my birthday experience! It's something I will never forget! See you next time! Ava, Carson, Miranda, Michael, Tom & Kathy

February 21, 2017
Our charter with Drumbeat 1 was great. Vince and the crew were terrific. I think everyone on the boat had a great time. The food was great and the service on the boat was great. About all I can say is that everything was great. It was a very memorable trip. Thanks for all of your help, GM


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