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Post-Yacht Charter Client Review

April 18-27, 2023 Catamaran Manna

On the first day, we caught 2 large lobsters in the U.S. Virgin Islands! Everyone is having a great time!  Allen and Lou are amazing,  fellow okies too! 

K. Schwarz

April 15-22, 2023 Catamaran NeuroSeas

Wonderful group of people, than you for organising their time on NeuroSeas. 

We sailed first two days, Brice seemed to enjoy it and got involved. Even anchoring, operating the boat etc. Active group, very kind and fun. We got the special roti delivery for them from the best place we know in whole Grenadines, as they mentioned it couple of times in the preference list. 

Capt. Yurko on behalf of Brice M.

April 8-15, 2023, Catamaran The Big Dog


1. Crew Friendliness: A+

2. Crew Knowledge: A++

3. Quality of Service: A++

4. The Professionalism of Crew:  A++

5. Value of the Cost of the Charter: A++

6. On-Board Cuisine: A++

7. Destination / Location: A++

8. Water-Sports: A++

9. Overall Satisfaction: The entire experience was amazing. Terry and Ruth were wonderful. You can really tell the difference between a seasoned crew and the younger crews we’ve experienced in the past. Terry was always whistling and cheerful, had endless patience teaching us all about Cat vs Mono sailing and the quirks of The Big Dog, answered a thousand questions and never once seemed put out by our endless curiosity and thirst for knowledge. 


We dove with Terry 3x and he was a wonderful dive master…taking us to 3 sites with a lot of variation and interest. He is always watching out for everyone’s safety above and below the water and has ninja-like abilities to appear with the dinghy just as you need a ride back to the boat from a shore excursion. The condition and layout of The Big Dog is amazing…everything was spotless and ship shape. Spacious cabins, comfortable mooring/anchoring sites, water maker (water pressure was impressive!) and ice maker were a real luxury too! 


Ruth’s meals were outstanding and she is a warm and cheerful presence on the boat. We loved the size of The Big Dog for 8 of us-her spacious deck space, the big fly deck, the cabins…everything. The layout with the galley being down below made it seem as if meals magically appeared out of nowhere. That was a fun surprise as we hadn’t been on a Cat with that configuration before. 


We would give this boat and crew our HIGHEST recommendation. This is now our 4th crewed charter in the VI’s and The Big Dog takes the prize in every category. First class crew, first class cuisine, first class vessel. 


We will definitely book again and just recommended The Big Dog to another friend who is considering a crewed BVI charter (I also of course recommended Yacht Charters Guru).

N. Ehrhart

 P.S Thanks for once again hitting the jackpot Shelly and Randy!!


"Everything was absolutely amazing! "I particularly enjoyed Ruth's out of this world cooking and Terry's generosity with his patience and his teaching. 10+ on all categories!!!"

P. Monnier

March 28-April 3, 2023, Catamaran Vicarious

"Everything is going great-Great crew, lots of fun!"

M. Carter 

March 2-7, 2023, Motor Yacht McGregor III



1. Crew Friendliness: “10 Stars on a 5-Star Scale!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

2. Crew Knowledge: Julie & Capt Tim were warm, friendly & wonderful hosts! 

3. Quality of Service: Gracious, fun and thoughtful! Accommodations clean & comfortable!

4. The Professionalism of Crew: Both very professional - sensitive to comfort & safety.

5. Value of the Cost of the Charter: I think the cost was reasonable for the experience and time!

6. On-Board Cuisine: Food was Excellent! 

7. Destination / Location: We remained in the USVI due to husbands expired passport, anchoring in beautiful spots! 

8. Water-Sports: Snorkeling & Scuba was fabulous! I needed some extra support & Capt. Tim was terrific! 

9. Overall Satisfaction: I am truly grateful!


What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? Anchoring in beautiful spots!


Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience? We will return for more exploring, snorkeling & scuba! 


L. Taylor

We have had a wonderful trip. We are motoring back to the port of call this morning and then off to BlueBeard's Castle for the night. 

Thank you for all your guidance and service. 


~Mark T.


February 23-March 2, Catamaran Delana Mae

Thanks for checking in! We’re having a wonderful time!! McKenna has learned how to foil and wants to get on it every chance she gets! And Emme is now an expert paddle boarder! She takes the boards down and goes out without any assistance. They’re living their best lives!!

~M. Jones

February 11-18, 2023 Catamaran La Speranza

Post-Charter Review From Our Clients: 

1. Crew Friendliness: Both Sid and Jack were personable and we got to know them well over the course of our 7 day charter. Jack, answered my countless questions about the boat and sailing and Sid was always ready to help no matter what it was.


2. Crew Knowledge: We found the crew very knowledgeable on our destination, the US Virgin Islands, all the sights, attractions and best mooring spots. Sid and Jack were well versed on the operation of the boat and worked well as a team in all phases of its operational.


3. Quality of Service: Everything was top notch, Lisa and I frequently would say "we were so glad that we selected to do a charter.


4. Professionalism of Crew: It was clear that Sid and Jack enjoyed what they do and it showed in the their professionalism and personable level of service they provided.


5. Value of the Cost of the Charter: We feel that doing the charter was a great value. We originally were going to get a hotel, rent a car and tour around by ourselves. But because of the logistics around doing this we considered a charter. We did not select the charter initially because of value but for convenience. In the end Lisa and I both felt the charter was a great value, when factoring in lodging, food, transportation, fuel, sightseeing and the overall fun factor.


6. On-Board Cuisine: We had almost all of our meals On-Board. All of the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner were different offering great variety. The meals were well prepared, tasty and artfully presented. Lisa has a salt-free diet restrictions and Sid did a great job in the meal preparation to accommodate this.


7. Destination/Location: The main initiative to visit the US VI was to see the National Park on St John Island. They positioned the boat so that we were able to see everything in the park we wanted to see. Also we were able to coordinate doing the reef trail hike, in the down hill direction, and having the boat pick us up off the beach after the hike.


8. Water Sports: Our main water sport was snorkeling and we did it everyday some days at several locations. We also sailed to St Croix and back which was a fantastic experience we will not forget.


9. Overall satisfaction: We loved everything about the charter, our biggest issue is that we can't wait to do it again in other interesting destinations.

~The Maiers

January 9-15, 2023 Catamaran Odyssea

"The trip was perfect in every way!  We loved Chef Gi and Capt. Dylan so much!  They were great at reading us and knew when to engage. Food was great, activity level was perfect for us. I would highly recommend them. Thanks so much for arranging the perfect trip!"

~Regards, JoJo 

December 21-28, 2022 Catamaran Katrina

“Dear Captain Ed and Erin – From the moment we set foot on Katrina, we immediately felt at ease. You both extended a warm and informative welcome that had all five us super excited for some quality boat and sea time. Thank you for making us feel welcome and comfortable, for answering all our questions and for explaining our itinerary each day along with the daily menus. 


From the Christmas tree to the holiday floral arrangements and the stockings on the table for Christmas brunch, Erin, you didn’t miss a beat to make sure we had a memorable holiday while at sea. Thank you for helping us stick to a very full itinerary and for the bonus spots that you found for us to explore along the way. You and Ed handled our lost luggage situation with confidence and grace which is how we believe the two of you would handle any situation you were given.


Captain Ed, the sailing was top notch! Thank you for sailing us safely all over the BVIs and for answering all our sailing questions and for constantly ensuring we were safe on the water and on the boat. We are thankful for the extra attention you gave to us by putting out the floating mat and paddle boards, having snorkeling noodles at the ready and taking us to shore in the dingy whenever we pleased. Thank you also for the evening fish viewing.


Erin, thank you for nailing our menu for the week! Every single meal catered to the various food preferences of our family (vegetarian, dairy free, etc.) and they were super delicious. Some of our favorites include your poke bowls, fresh tortellini, Caribbean chicken, breakfast strata, the banana pancake bar, your signature rum cake and your infamous sourdough bread. You are an amazing chef who took significant care to make sure our food preferences were incorporated and each of us had plenty of healthy food. The afternoon snacks, and cocktails were simply the icing on the cake! 


Thank you for making it easy and enjoyable for us to be together on this fun and memorable sailing adventure. 


Thank you for everything! We hope to see you back on the water soon.” 

~Carolann, David, Zach, Maya and Ethan


December 19-26, 2022 Catamaran Get Along

“We are having a blast. A nice combination of activities and relaxation. Kristi is a great cook and her daily drinks are a great idea. Capt. Brad is great as well. Love the boat it is a perfect size. 

~L. Callahan, TX

November 21-28, 2022 Catamaran Nowhere / Belize

Ellen is a truly great chef.  She’s done an incredible job of meeting our food restrictions while making the food absolutely delicious! As well, her presentation has been terrific. Capt. Reuben is terrific as well. I enjoy chatting with him. 

~A. Ryan


November 21-28, 2022 Catamaran Belle Vie

We ABSOLUTELY will charter again, and will most definitely contac