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Post-Yacht Charter Client Review


January 9-15, 2023 Catamaran Odyssea

"The trip was perfect in every way!  We loved Chef Gi and Capt. Dylan so much!  They were great at reading us and knew when to engage. Food was great, activity level was perfect for us. I would highly recommend them. Thanks so much for arranging the perfect trip!"

~Regards, JoJo 

December 21-28, 2022 Catamaran Katrina

“Dear Captain Ed and Erin – From the moment we set foot on Katrina, we immediately felt at ease. You both extended a warm and informative welcome that had all five us super excited for some quality boat and sea time. Thank you for making us feel welcome and comfortable, for answering all our questions and for explaining our itinerary each day along with the daily menus. 


From the Christmas tree to the holiday floral arrangements and the stockings on the table for Christmas brunch, Erin, you didn’t miss a beat to make sure we had a memorable holiday while at sea. Thank you for helping us stick to a very full itinerary and for the bonus spots that you found for us to explore along the way. You and Ed handled our lost luggage situation with confidence and grace which is how we believe the two of you would handle any situation you were given.


Captain Ed, the sailing was top notch! Thank you for sailing us safely all over the BVIs and for answering all our sailing questions and for constantly ensuring we were safe on the water and on the boat. We are thankful for the extra attention you gave to us by putting out the floating mat and paddle boards, having snorkeling noodles at the ready and taking us to shore in the dingy whenever we pleased. Thank you also for the evening fish viewing.


Erin, thank you for nailing our menu for the week! Every single meal catered to the various food preferences of our family (vegetarian, dairy free, etc.) and they were super delicious. Some of our favorites include your poke bowls, fresh tortellini, Caribbean chicken, breakfast strata, the banana pancake bar, your signature rum cake and your infamous sourdough bread. You are an amazing chef who took significant care to make sure our food preferences were incorporated and each of us had plenty of healthy food. The afternoon snacks, and cocktails were simply the icing on the cake! 


Thank you for making it easy and enjoyable for us to be together on this fun and memorable sailing adventure. 


Thank you for everything! We hope to see you back on the water soon.” 

~Carolann, David, Zach, Maya and Ethan


December 19-26, 2022 Catamaran Get Along

“We are having a blast. A nice combination of activities and relaxation. Kristi is a great cook and her daily drinks are a great idea. Capt. Brad is great as well. Love the boat it is a perfect size. 

~L. Callahan, TX

November 21-28, 2022 Catamaran Nowhere / Belize

Ellen is a truly great chef.  She’s done an incredible job of meeting our food restrictions while making the food absolutely delicious! As well, her presentation has been terrific. Capt. Reuben is terrific as well. I enjoy chatting with him. 

~A. Ryan


November 21-28, 2022 Catamaran Belle Vie

We ABSOLUTELY will charter again, and will most definitely contact you when we are ready.  We would also love to charter with Rob & B again in the near future.

~S. Moerbe

November 13-20, 2022 Catamaran Karma

While we were having fun interviewing the yachts & crews at the broker’s charter yacht shows last week in the USVI & BVI, our clients were having the best vacation of their lives aboard 50’ Catamaran KARMA!

See their review: “We cannot rave enough about how amazing Mac and Jake were, how perfect the food was and how impressive the boat was! I’ve been all over the world to many different resorts and have to say the service and experience provided by Capt. Jake & Mac was top of the charts! Absolutely world-class! They are amazing people and made this trip what it was - one we will never forget and one that will be the bar by which future trips are measured! Also, your attention to detail and communication pre-trip were also incredible and greatly appreciated. We will definitely use you to book the next one!“

~C. Sanderson

See Video:

June 1-8, 2022 Catamaran Euphoria

1. Crew Friendliness: Very good

2. Crew Knowledge: Excellent

3. Quality of Service: Fantastic

4. The Professionalism of Crew: Very good

5. Value of the Cost of the Charter: Good

6. On-Board Cuisine: Superb

7. Destination / Location: Excellent

8. Water-Sports: Fantastic (scuba)

9. Overall Satisfaction: 10/10


What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? Hard to put down just one- the food, sunset hike/picnic over Waterlemon Bay, scuba at Mingo Cay and the Ledges


Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience? It was a fantastic experience. The perfect trip to celebrate our daughter’s graduation. Capt Cory and Chef Emily were wonderful. The food was fantastic-every meal we were impressed with Chef Emily’s creativity and skill. Lisa is having some issues with gluten. Emily went above and beyond in creating meals that Lisa could eat- and they were 5 star. My daughter, Anna, said before the trip that one of the things she was looking forward to was the food- she was not disappointed. 

We loved the scuba. We are newly certified divers and they made us feel comfortable and safe. We appreciated Capt Cory giving us an itinerary based on his experience- he didn’t disappoint. The trip was perfect for us- we were content to spend time on the boat relaxing/reading while also spending time snorkeling, hiking, scuba, etc. We would definitely sail with Capt Cory and Chef Emily again. ~C. Sward

May 23-29, 2022 Catamaran Grace

Great vacation! Catamaran Grace was a good choice for our family. The trip ticked all our boxes and made us really happy. The food was amazing. We enjoyed our sail to St. Croix. For us as new divers, we feel that Britta did a good job of choosing dive locations. Favorite dive: St. Croix Pier. We felt very safe diving and the crew gave the appearance of having everything under control. The kids loved the sea scooters and wake boarding was fun. I will book with Yacht Charters Guru again and try another new sailing area!" ~M. Colwell

May 19-26, 2022 Catamaran Kuma Too

"Our second trip aboard Kuma Too was just as much fun this year as it was last year!" ~ L. Koenig


April 9-16, 2022 Catamaran Sol Seeker

"Scott and Nikki are great. The food has been wonderful. Everyone is having a great time. A few observations: There is a big difference in flow with a 2 person crew vs 3 person. Guests do more self serve, of course. There is a big difference between a 44 foot catamaran and a 50 foot.  6 feet is much more than it sounds. We’re very comfortable on this boat, but it is not as luxurious. The USVI has exceeded our expectations! There has been so much to do. Nikki really caters to us to make sure each person is happy. She’s very accommodating. We have a lot more say on this charter vs past charters. We’re all very pleased with the whole experience and grateful for our hardworking crew!” ~J. Spencer

Mar 12-19, 2022 Catamaran La Grande Bellezza

Crew is great.  Trip and food has been fantastic. Overall very good. ~J. Fite

March 12-19, 2022 Catamaran SeaU

Capt. Jake & Mackenzie are beyond perfection! They were amazing. From the start, I knew it was going to be a great trip. I cannot imagine another crew that would have been a better fit for us! The food was amazing. She catered a lot to our lactose intolerant client. Our meals were SO good and we felt SO good eating better. I felt like we had a 5 star restaurant that was healthy. They were so professional and were able to gauge when when we needed to have our privacy. All the places we visited, they knew exactly what we liked. The band for my birthday was OMG! The fun-est day of my life! I literally cried when I said goodbye! ~L. Dickerson

Feb 19-26, 2022 Catamaran Delana Mae

I was afraid with having so much time for planning/waiting that my expectations may be too high - boy was I wrong. The boat is great. A lot of places to hang out or soak in the sun. RJ and Jenna have been awesome. Great places to have fun, snorkel, shop, hike.  Tons of information on the islands, sailing, etc.  I thought the food would be good, but Jenna is blowing that out of the water. To do what she does in a kitchen of that size is amazing.  We are going to learn pirate dice tonight.  We are going to the Lime Out taco place tomorrow.  That looks like fun.  ~ P. Jones

Feb 13-20, 2022 Catamaran Barefeet Retreat

Bree and Jenn are great and we are having a wonderful time. Mac (7) is the star, trying lots of foods and being fearless on and off the boat.  Meals are wonderful.  Bree goes above and beyond trying to please all appetites. Jenn is a skilled captain.  We feel quite at ease under her command. ~ The Platinum Club

Feb 12-19, 2022 Catamaran Sail Away

Location: British Virgin Islands

It is going great!! Kim is a fab chef and tour guide onshore. Mike and Leslie are wonderful - eager to help, make us feel well taken care of. We are very happy guests!!! ~ Cameron & Huck Newberry


Jan 29-Feb 5, 2022 Catamaran Ventana


Location: U.S. Virgin Islands

1. Crew Friendliness: TOP-NOTCH

2. Crew Knowledge: TOP-NOTCH

3. Quality of Service: TOP-NOTCH

4. The Professionalism of Crew: TOP-NOTCH

5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter: JUST RIGHT

6. On-Board Cuisine: AMAZING

7. Destination / Location: BEST THAT COULD BE DONE

8. Water-Sports: PERHAPS ADD A KAYAK

9. Overall Satisfaction: EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS



Jan 29-Feb 5, 2022 Catamaran Shangri La


Location: U.S. Virgin Islands

1. Crew Friendliness: Great

2. Crew Knowledge: Great

3. Quality of Service: Great

4. The Professionalism of Crew: Great

5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter: N/A

6. On-Board Cuisine: Exceptional

7. Destination / Location: Great

8. Water-Sports: Great

9. Overall Satisfaction: We could not have asked for a better crew or experience.

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? The food and the service provided by the crew.

~ C. Rheiner


Jan 24-31, 2022 Catamaran Easir II

Location: U.S. Virgin Islands

1. Crew Friendliness: Sy and Kara made us feel like family from the beginning of the trip thru the entire week…..could not have better host.

2. Crew Knowledge: Both were very knowledgeable of the islands we visited sharing history and local experiences.

3. Quality of Service: Top notch. Sy and Kara were very accommodating always asking what we needed and what we wanted to do.

4. The Professionalism of Crew: In every aspect Sy and Kara were the consummate professions effectively balancing a professional demeanor while creating a warm and friendly environment.

5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter: It is hard to but a value on the experiences we had on our trip as they were exceptional but without a doubt it was a great value. We left knowing we would book another trip in the future.

6. On-Board Cuisine: Beyond expectations! Every meal was unique and well prepared with a variety of cuisines. Somehow we both gained weight even though we were active 😊

7. Destination / Location: We visited St. Croix which was a new experience and visited several anchorages at St. John. Each location was memorable.

8. Water-Sports: Many options to chose from. We enjoyed the paddle boards and snorkeling especially at Maho Bay where we saw turtles. Catching a Mahi on the sail back from St. Croix was certainly a highlight.

9. Overall Satisfaction: A+. The trip exceeded our expectations.


What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? Many to chose from but if I had to pick it would be a late afternoon sail as the sun was setting when dolphins appeared on the bow of the boat!


Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience? Only that it stands out as one of best vacations we have taken.

“Had the best week ever! Full of sailing, snorkeling, hiking and eating the best food of my life…We’re gonna miss you guys! But we know we will see you soon!”

~M. Carruth


Dec 27-Jan 3, 2022 Catamaran Hero's Journey

Sailing in the Virgin Islands with Capt. Mike & Julie has been one of the best vacations we've experienced. The journey was relaxing, peaceful, enjoyable and memorable for all of us. The boat is great. Its full of spots to enjoy the stunning views- the sea life, beaches, other boats and sunsets are breathtaking. Capt. Mike really know what he’s doing . We felt comfortable & safe at all times. The activities, like paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming were so fun! Julie’s cooking is incredible. We loved every meal and will miss the amazing service. Thank yo so much for giving us an amazing experience that we’ll always remember. 

The Tresslar Family, Chicago, IL


Dec 27-Jan 3, 2022 Sailing Yacht Antillean

1. Crew Friendliness: Captain Matthias and Dominic were friendly and fun. We even got to meet Matthias' wife and kids the last night of our trip, which was great.

2. Crew Knowledge: Super-knowledgeable about the waters, the islands we visited, fishing, food. 

3. Quality of Service: Dominic's cooking skills are tremendous. We ate the healthiest, freshest and most tasty meals 3 times a day throughout our trip. We were all amazed at what he could accomplish in a galley kitchen. We had fish that Dominic and Matthias had caught themselves every day, and it was all fantastic! Mattias was great problem-solver. When we could not find car rentals with availability in St. Croix, he borrowed a friend's SUV and took us around the island himself - which was so much fun. When the 3 young people in our group got severely seasick on the long sail to St. Croix, he told me where to book seaplane flights for the return trip to St. Thomas, took them to the seaport in the dingy, and then retrieved them at the seaport in St. Thomas. Charlie and I then enjoyed a great return sail with Matthias and Dominic (and no seasick crew) - and the youngsters loved their short and scenic seaplane hop (and a day at a beach bar)! 

4. The Professionalism of Crew: Professional yet casual and fun, which was what we wanted, with three young 20-somethings in our group. The Elmer Family

Dec 20-26, 2021 Catamaran Champagne

The broker was very attentive. The crew was awesome. Made our Family Christmas one to remember. 

R. Moon

Dec 19-26, 2021 Catamaran Blue Pepper

“From the moment we arrived, the crew was amazing, the accommodations were wonderful and the food was fabulous. We loved the crew!”

Carmine & Christie Cutone, NY

Nov 29- Dec 6, 2021

The crew on Catamaran BAREFEET RETREAT was marvelous! 

M. Byrnes

Nov 13-20, 2021 Catamaran Karma

1. Crew Friendliness: Hannah and Tom are really special people…friendly, thoughtful, service oriented, always available to help, professional, lovely. We highly recommend them.

2. Crew Knowledge: Great knowledge of the local area, since this is the second time for us and the first time for the rest of the guests, they made sure we didn’t go to the same places, and got to explore new beaches, dive sites, and other fun experiences that were entirely new.

3. Quality of Service: A+++++++++++, seriously, they are truly amazing crew. I would happily serve as a reference ANYTIME they need one.

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? 

These are not in any order but we couldn’t pick just one:

1. Sleeping on the fly deck and waking up to see the lunar eclipse

2. fresh lobster ceviche made by Tom from the lobster we caught that day, sunset cocktails and delicious appetizers,

3. game nights with the crew and the fact that Hannah knows all the rules to EVERY board game!

N. Ehrhart, CO

Nov 11-18, 2021 Catamaran Anastasia / U.S. Virgin Islands

We absolutely loved the crew and they took great care of us. We hope to meet up with them when they come through Atlanta!

D. Jones, GA 

Sept 20-27, 2021 Catamaran OPAL / SPLIT TO DUBROVNIK

When we asked our client sailing in Croatia this week how his trip was aboard 62' Catamaran OPAL, he replied "Thanks for asking! The yacht, crew, and ALL outstanding! We are having great meals and stops at the islands. The weather is wonderful with sunny days & comfortable evenings. Wonderful Cheers! 🍷🎶🇨🇦!"

Sleeps up to 10 Guests in 5 Queen Ensuite Cabins

Sept. 10-17, 2021 56' Catamaran BOOM / ATHENS TO MYKONOS

“Having a great time! Thanks for checking on us!” ~ S.D.

Sept. 4-11, 2021 52' Catamaran Valium52 / ATHENS TO ATHENS

"Dear Yacht Charters Guru,

I couldn’t have asked for a better match with this boat and crew.


The amount of space, especially with the screened-in area above in the Captains area was a bonus. Baby Charlotte really enjoyed that area and Capt. Roberto was always fun to chat with as we cruised along. Josh even used it for sleeping quarters a few nights because his bunkmate was snoring too loud😂


We felt like we had the most experienced and knowledgeable Captain in Greece. His ability to maneuver that boat in tight quarters and to secure us a space at the docks was amazing, especially at Hydra. He ended up helping other boaters that were struggling on a couple of occasions. Maria was also phenomenal. She actually injured her shoulder a few days into the trip but was as tough as could be in continuing to provide docking support, delicious meals, and service.


The nice thing is that we had members in our family who have managed larger boats on the Great Lakes so Joe provided a helping hand with the lines which he actually loved doing and Capt. Roberto and Maria appreciated. Of course, they were always mindful to keep everyone safe.


Charters in Greece are expensive but with the number of people that we had on board, we felt it was a good value. Your advice to increase the allotment for our APA expenses was good advice. We owed a little for fuel at the end but the cost came close and it was nice to not worry about needing to pay anything significant.


Overall we were extremely pleased and would highly recommend Valium 52, Yacht Guru, Roberto, and Maria. Except for some exceptionally windy and cool weather, which the crew managed well with an additional night in port, everything was perfect.


Thanks again for all of the work that you put into servicing this trip. I know it was exceptional with all of the interruptions and uncertainties due to Covid.


BTW we also experienced some milestones with Baby Charlotte on the trip. She learned to crawl, wave and was working on standing unsupported (on a moving boat😬). Standing on land should come quickly. The most memorable part of the trip for me was watching how much fun my kids had with each other and the crew. We could have been anywhere in the world but being in this beautiful location made it all even better.


Thanks again and I am sure this won’t be our last charter." L.P.

Sept. 4-11, 2021 62' Catamaran OPAL-DUBROVNIK TO SPLIT, CROATIA

“Thank y’all for setting this up. The cruise has been great! The boat, captain, crew have been superior. The food has been excellent. Their choices on where to go have been outstanding!” ~Tommy

August 1, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Allure 64

To Allure & Crew, I’m writing this review on behalf of our family & friends. To say that our vacation was wonderful is an understatement! Capt. Scott & Niki were excellent hosts with impeccable attention to our every need. Each day was planned around our wishes with the perfect combination of adventure relaxation, celebration & laughter. Scott kept us safe with a gentle smile and was always on the lookout for our every need. The meals prepared by Niki were all truly a culinary experience. Every meal was a special treat!

Scott & Niki are true professionals with obvious attention to detail. Their experience in the yachting industry translated into a trip of a lifetime!

July 31, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Ocelot

"Thank you for amazing memories, sporty sea shanties, froo-froo drinks & breezy sails. We love it all! It was a really fun & relaxing week. I'm so thankful to have had a crew we could joke around with! ~ The Turners"

July 19, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Respite At Sea

"It is hard to put into words how wonderful our vacation was. Ross and Dee are over the top! They work so well together and are so attentive. The food was incredible, and the presentation was so beautiful. Ross has some mad napkin folding skills! They were so respectful of the catamaran. You would have thought it was their personal property. The diving and snorkeling were fantastic. From the time we arrived until we reluctantly had to be dropped off they made us feel so welcome. We would definitely recommend them to friends or book another trip with them. Thank you so much for booking us with them!” ~Jo G"

July 17, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran  Shangri La

"Having a great time!" and the photos show it! The LeBert Group

July 17, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Nutmeg

"We are having a great time. Just dived Wreck Alley off Cooper Island. Diving the Wreck of the Rhone tomorrow & going to the Willy T. the next day! Talk to you soon, -Jeff T."

July 5, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran White Coral

"White Coral is a beautiful boat and we've been having a great time. The captain and chef are nice. We would book it again. Thanks!" ~ N. Broadbent

July 5, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Azulia II

"Loved our charter in the USVI. The crew was great. The food was fancy and delicious and there were lots of activities to do each day. The boat felt like home and all the cozy touches & elevated details made a big difference. The crew worked within everyone's dietary restrictions & interests for a fun family vacation. Excellent! Don't hesitate to book!" 

July 3, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Seahome

"Wow, Wow! What an amazing adventure you guys took us on! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful experience. Everything was perfect. You are the very best at what you do! Cheers!" ~ The Hawkins Family

July 1, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran O.V.

"We’ve been on the go so much I wanted to sit down and spend time on the review because it deserves my attention. You were amazing to work with and the crew on the OV amazing! We will be back next summer! We may book a larger yacht through you. But seriously cannot thank you enough for your amazing service. And captain RJ and his wife…. Wow! ~ The Turners

June 13, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Callista

"Everything is going great! We couldn’t have asked for a better crew! Yacht Charters Guru provided personal and professional service in every aspect of our trip. From selecting the boat, crew and itinerary, even airline assistance, everything was covered. Most importantly when the corona crisis doomed our trip, they guided us through the process of rescheduling our June 2020 trip until June 2021 with no additional cost. While we were fortunate that the yacht owner graciously accepted our rescheduling request, we would never have been successful in accomplishing this without the Yacht Gurus. I can't thank them or recommend them enough! ~ T. Robins

May 31, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Abundance

May 17, 2021 Post Charter Review Catamaran Kuma Too

"Not any words to describe how happy we were. They are incredible people, so sweet! The cooking was gourmet every single night. They worked SO hard the whole time. I came out of my cabin every morning and there was a cup of coffee waiting for me. They made us feel like family. I can’t thank you enough! We're rebooking Kuma Too next year!” ~J.G

May 4, 2021 Post Charter Review Touch the Sky

"Crew Friendliness: We have done a few of these charters before and Ben, Jody and Troy were extremely friendly, welcoming and integrated really well with the personalities on the boat.

2. Crew Knowledge: They had an answer for everything.  With varying levels of experience in the job, they all knew their role well, had great local knowledge of the islands, reefs, coves we visited. On-Board Cuisine: Excellent.  Jody was amazing with the meals she put together for us.  Planning and preparing for 12 people 3 times a day is not an easy task and she made it look easy.  Also not easy to please everyone every meal (especially with this crowd) and she did a great job accommodating everyone. Destination / Location:  The islands in the USVI are beautiful.  Ben was really accommodating with getting us to daily/nightly destinations that met the groups' preferences.  We stayed in some amazing, quiet and secluded spots which was our preference.  There were really only a couple destinations that were a bit crowded." ~ D. Rubenstein

May 4, 2021 Post Charter Review Winter's Coming

"The vacation was amazing. We set some really high bars on our last 3 catamaran trips and we are thrilled to report that the boat/crew far exceeded them. Definitely, the best food we’ve ever had on a boat and Sergio/Neen’s attitude/energy was fantastic. The USVI's greatly surprised us as well - excellent snorkeling, dive spots, scenery, etc. 


Back to the real world ... nothing fun about that! I’ll fill out your questionnaire soon after I put out all these fires.


And BTW - you’ve been the best broker we’ve ever used! I like how you reached out to us before, during, and after the vacation. Will return to y’all in the future!" 

April 18, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Shangri La
How was your satisfaction with...

1. Crew Friendliness: great 
2. Crew Knowledge: great 
3. Quality of Service: great 
4. The Professionalism of Crew: great 
5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter: OK 
6. On-Board Cuisine: great 
7. Destination / Location: Good. 
8. Variety & Quality of Water-Sports Equipment: good 
9. Overall Satisfaction: great 

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? The entire trip was very good. 

Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience? No addtl comments." ~O.K. 


April 10, 2021 Post Charter Review for Motor Yacht Beachfront

"The trip was absolutely AMAZING! I would give the entire crew a 10 on every question below. I could not imagine a better crew. BEACHFRONT is a great choice for cruising the Bahamas. ~C. Koon

"The trip was awesome. The crew was great. The toys were better than advertised  Some serious pampering. ~ C. Allison


March 8, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Anastasia

The trip was fantastic aboard Catamaran Anastasia.  10/10 on everything.  The food was delicious and Lesli and Ryan did a great job of making sure we were comfortable at all times.  The memorable highlight for me was the day Ryan took us to shore.  We returned to a decorated yacht.  Lesli had hung streamers/balloons and birthday decorations to celebrate my birthday.  She definitely went the extra mile to make sure I felt special! I feel like we made a couple of new friends in Lesli and Ryan.  I would definitely recommend them to someone interested in touring the Virgin Islands.

Reggie, Colleyville, TX


February 28, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Azulia II

"We had a delightful week with Dan and Sarah aboard Azulia II.  They are both warm, positive, smart, and interesting people.  As Barn and I approach our 70th birthdays, the time together with our wives relaxing onboard in beautiful surroundings is really what appeals to us.  Dan and Sarah recognized that we were quite happy in and around the yacht without having the need or desire to off-board each day.  We enjoyed a hike in Reiff’s Bay, a snorkel somewhere (I forget where), swims around Azulia, sunbathing on board (Queen), a lunch at Lime-Out, and a dinner at ZoZo’s. 


I’ll answer your specific questions below:

1. Crew Friendliness: 

Wonderful.  Both Dan and Sarah are positive seeking to help their guests enjoy their week in any way they can.  We hit it off with them immediately and for the full duration of our stay.

2. Crew Knowledge: 

Outstanding.  We were fully confident in their expertise in every aspect of their work whether sailing, meals or repairs.  They also helped when I twinged my back and Mary cut her foot.

3. Quality of Service:

Excellent.  Always with a smile.

4. The Professionalism of Crew: 

Excellent.  It became clear quite quickly that our crew was eager to provide a high level of professionalism in all aspects of service.  Yet they displayed a genuine warmth and excitement that we enjoyed.  Crew and guests all enjoyed saying “Attitude”.  

5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter: 

Obviously the corona virus pandemic made this a more expensive trip than we had originally planned.  Nevertheless, Barn and Ginny and Mary and me felt the trip well worthwhile.  A week on Azulia was heaven.  The yacht is magnificent, well maintained and roomy (especially with just four guests).

6. On-Board Cuisine: 

Outstanding.  Sarah is an excellent chef.  You would be pleased.  We enjoyed fabulous meals every day. 


7. Destination / Location:

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring areas of St. Thomas and St. John but we did miss the BVI.  The past year has taught everyone to be more flexible and we thoroughly enjoyed our USVI sail.  I don’t think it will surprise you we hope to add the BVI back in future sails.

8. Quality & Variety of Water-Sports & Equipment

For our age, we are in excellent shape; however, water sports are no longer a priority.

9. Overall Satisfaction: 

10 of 10.  We loved it.

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation? 
The sail yesterday from Magen’s Bay to Charlotte Amalie was a marvelous finale.  We “raced” another yacht head to head for much of the sail.  It was spectacular.


Thanks for all of your help to line up a perfect week.~The Platinum Club

February 25, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Neuroseas

1. Crew Friendliness:   Extremely friendly
2. Crew Knowledge:  Captain knew the routes, the best places to harbor, and brought us to some terrific locations.
3. Quality of Service:  Excellent
4. The Professionalism of Crew:   They were terrific, but not so professional that they were unable to fit in and be fun
5. Value of the Cost + Expenses Charter:  I didn't pay, so not sure!
6. On-Board Cuisine:   4 star - actually, probably 5 star.  Amazing food!
7. Destination / Location:  Delightful!  And a picnic on a small deserted beach one day that was breathtaking
8. Quality & Variety of Water-Sports & Equipment:  Good enough.
9. Overall Satisfaction:   VERY SATISFIED! We had a great time! 

Barbara B.

January 13-20, 2021 Post Charter Review for Catamaran Rumba

We had a fabulous time.  This trip was with great friends that we have traveled with before and for our 24th anniversary!  We would definitely book again and loved every minute of it.  I wrote a review on google but wanted to include this below:

 on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest

1. Crew Friendliness:   10

2. Crew Knowledge:     10

3. Quality of Service:    8  (maybe a room towel and linen change at least one time)