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How to Choose the Perfect Crewed Charter Yacht for Your Vacation?

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You need a certified CYBA charter yacht broker with 25 years of industry experience gained from working onboard a charter yacht. Yacht Charters Guru has been active within the "inner circle" of Captains, Crews, Central Agents, and Yacht Owners for more than 2 decades. We personally choose each yacht, offer expert advice and care deeply about matching the right charter boat crew with your needs & personality. Originally from Nashville, TN, we specialize in booking 7-night privately crewed luxury yacht charters in the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands as well as charters worldwide. Our site looks different from the rest because of pricing categories!
~Capt. Randy & Shelly Tucker
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The best money can buy!

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Not Too Much Or Too Little

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All the Amenities & Toys

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Just Right For Budgets

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The Largest Category

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Greater Mobility

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Gotta Get There Fast!

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For Sailing Traditionalists

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Read All About It!

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Use our 25 years of expertise as leaders offering a definitive guide to decide what type of 7-night charter fits you best. We spend hours interviewing each yacht and crew to determine which one is best for a family charter, or a foodie vacation. Maybe you need a yacht that has scuba diving equipment on board and lots of fishing gear. Couples charters are fun for the grownups and when you have a large group of more than 10-12, you'll need to plan a tandem charter with 2 or more yachts! We love to book Honeymoon or Anniversary charters as well as Birthday charters for your special celebration.

Crewed Charter Yacht Stewardess
Start out by picking the dates everyone in your group can travel. Crewed yacht charters typically begin and end at 12 noon on the day you choose for 8 days, 7 nights. They can start on any day of the week. Charters less than 7 nights can be arranged, but typically there will be a surcharge.

Included in your luxury charter along with your accommodation, are water sports and other onboard activities. The yacht comes with a professional Captain and Chef as well as all meals, drinks, standard spirits and wine, snacks, permits, and running expenses of the yacht.

While our personal favorite is the USVI & British Virgin Islands because we owned/operated a yacht there for 18 years, we have direct experience with yachts based in the Virgin Islands, St. Martin, St Barts, Anguilla, Antigua, Grenadines, Greece & Croatia & Belize. There are many beautiful locations to charter a yacht. What is considered ideal are areas where there are island chains without long open ocean passages that are comfortable to sail in within 7-nights with plenty to see and enjoy the tropical paradise.
Power Catamaran Charter in the BVI

Quickly Find the Perfect Crewed Charter Yacht:

This is a great tool for searching a worldwide inventory of charter yachts - whether you want a catamaran, a motor yacht, a sailboat, a mega-yacht or a superyacht, you'll find it here!


A few things to keep in mind:

  1. All yachts look great on the web - find some you like, but then ask us for our expert and firsthand opinion about them. We know what the yachts look like from real-life day to day experience, not just on the photoshoot. Want to know what the crew will be like when you are spending 24/7 together? We can help! 

  2. This is an industry search engine - for quality reasons, we may not recommend all of the yachts in your search results.

  3.  We have many more yachts available that are not featured here.



*Rates, Availability, Equipment & Crews Subject to Change

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