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How Do I Book a Yacht Charter?

Learn what is the cost of a charter yacht vacation, how to book a catamaran, sailboat or motor yacht charter trip, understand the charter contract protocol, if you need trip insurance, how your money is handled & sailing itineraries in the Caribbean British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Greece & Belize.

Top 3 Things You Need to Know: 


1. Tell us the exact dates you want to charter, where you want to meet the yacht, your approximate budget, how many in your group along with their ages & the number of cabins needed for couples or singles. We'll send you online brochures for the yachts available, rates, and crew info.  


2. Most charters are All-Inclusive for 8 Days / 7 Nights. Pro-rated shorter charters are available. Expect a 5 minimum stay required.


​3. Your charter will begin at 12:00 Noon and end at 12:00 Noon on any day of the week you choose (if available). 

The Next Steps in Booking a Yacht Charter:

  • Decide on a yacht: We'll place a 2-week complimentary hold on the yacht's calendar. 

  • Check on your flights: We will help you find the best flights but do not book them until the contract process is complete. 

  • Review and sign the contract. We'll use an industry-standard approved CYBA or MYBA contract. 

  • "Accept" or "Deny" Trip Insurance: Indicate on your contract if you want trip insurance. While trip insurance is not required, it is highly recommended by the U.S. Department of State for anyone traveling abroad.

    • Am I Covered if I have Cancel for Any Reason coverage
      If you purchased Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, you could be covered for a percentage of the loss, depending on the level of CFAR coverage purchased, and provided the trip is canceled more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure date. Refer to your insurance policy (or Description of Coverage) for details.

    • Can I purchase a policy with CFAR coverage?  
      CFAR coverage is only available at the time a plan is purchased and, unless otherwise noted on your policy, must be within 15 days of your initial trip deposit.  As a result, if you have an existing insurance policy, you are not eligible to add on CFAR coverage.

  • Send Your Deposit for Your Charter: A 25% deposit is due if your charter is more than 6 months from your requested dates. A 50% deposit is due if your charter is less than 6 months out. For last-minute charters within 1 month of the charter start date, a 100% deposit is due. All funds will be safely held in the CYBA: Charter Yacht Brokers Association Escrow Account. 

  • Receive your charter booking confirmation number: After your contract is signed and your deposit has been received, the contract will be sent to the yacht's owner for their signature. You will be assigned an official booking confirmation number. 

And Then What? 

Download, fill out and return your Charter Info Form 


Why Your Charter Food/Beverage Form is Important to Your Crew:


Did you know that your personal yacht charter chef will prepare and serve between 300-500 dishes during your stay? Filling out the form will provide your Chef and Crew with your likes & dislikes. It's the ultimate way of making absolutely certain that you have the perfect 5-star sailing vacation experience during your charter aboard the yacht. 


Your crew requires a copy of your passport info before you arrive. Bonus! If you lose your passport while traveling, we will have a copy on file.


The most important thing the Chef needs to know is food/drink items you particularly "like" or "dislike" as well as food allergies. Think about the important items that are a part of your weekly grocery cart and write them down. If you have kids who will be on the yacht, let your chef know their favorite snacks and "go-to" meals. What are some of your favorites? If you are picky about certain things, then note the details. Your Chef can tailor the week's menu to everyone's tastes, but they must know before you arrive on board the yacht. 


Brands and quantities are important too. Some items can be hard to find after the yacht leaves the dock, so the crew will provision heavily for your charter in advance. It's not unusual for the weight of the provisions for 6-8 guests plus 2-3 crew for 8 days/7 nights to top 800 pounds! Amazing isn't it? There's a lot of pre-planning done on your behalf before you arrive. By accurately providing your preferences, you will have a very happy crew!

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