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5 Top Things to Look for in a Crewed Yacht Charter

You've been exploring the idea of renting a charter boat for a Caribbean sailing vacation in the Virgin Islands, but how in the world do you choose the right private crewed charter yacht for your trip?

Lately, we’ve been thinking a lot about popular charter yacht Captains & Chefs in the industry who’ve been around for many years. After almost 20 successful years in the crewed charter yacht industry, we have some thoughts on what makes a Crew special and how to match the right Crew with the client's needs and personality!

Below are some questions that we like to ask the Crews when we interview them for you:

Is The Crew Inspired?Catamaran Dolphin Splash Yacht Charter Boat Crew There is quite possibly nothing better than seeing a “light bulb go off” in a client’s head when they learn how to sail, snorkel or see something new for the very first time in their lives. We represent professional yacht charter Crews who show a real passion for teaching their guests about yachting as well as having that inner knowledge of when to do things before the client knows that they have a need. We do know the ins and outs of the charter yacht industry & the people who live and work there. That's what makes us an official Caribbean "Yacht Charter Guru"!

Does the Yacht Charter Crew Have "It"?

We all have different talents; both of us learned at an early age that taking care of people simply comes naturally for us. Working together as a team takes practice and a love for your job. Either you have "it" as a professional yacht charter Crew member or you don't. We look for Crews on yachts who are still willing to learn & grow! If they are at a point in their professional charter career that they are enjoying established, repeat clients who enjoy their yacht, then they have a great track record that makes us comfortable recommending them to you for your special sailing vacation. Are you looking for a reserved yacht charter crew, or those who are ready to stay up late & party? We'll help guide you!

5 General Yacht Questions Typically Asked by Industry Professionals and Prospective Guests:

  • What are the three biggest assets of a particular crewed charter yacht?

  • Does this yacht have a favorite type of charter? Several couples, one couple or families?

  • What percentage of the time this yacht have several couples, one couple, or families?

  • What percent of this yacht's charters are repeats?

  • What are the Crews main interests and strengths?

It's very different seeing a charter catamaran, sailboat, or motor yacht in real life vs viewing it on the Internet. Our job is to regularly interview the yacht charter crews in the Virgin Islands. We familiarize our selves with each yacht by stepping onboard and getting a "feel" for the overall atmosphere. One of the first things we determine is whether the crew is open & friendly, or more reserved. Are they willing to get into the water with your kids and be enthusiastic teaching them how to snorkel or dive for the first time? Can they handle a demanding client? One of our favorite stories from our years of being a yacht charter crew is one day during an industry show when a yacht charter vacation broker got onboard and brusquely demanded to know, "What makes you SO special?". We literally "grabbed the bone" and ran with it, immediately convincing the broker that we were very capable which lead to many charters!

Then we take a very close inspection of safety of the yacht such as rigging and the condition of the decks. On the interior, we inspect the condition of all the soft goods such as linens and carpets, the overall decor of the yacht as well as cleanliness. You expect your hotel room to be spotless and should expect your luxury charter yacht to be

as well.


  • We are 100% independent charter brokers. We do not have any financial interest in any of the yachts we offer to you. They are all privately owned, maintained and offered with professional crew.

  • We specialize in yacht charters in the U.S. Virgin Islands including St. Thomas and St. John, USVI as well as the British Virgin Islands.

  • This service is 100% free to you.

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