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How to Buy Trip Insurance for a Yacht Charter Vacation

You are not required, in most cases, to purchase trip insurance for your crewed yacht charter vacation. We work with two trip insurance companies, Allianz Global Assistance and AIG Travel Guard so that you can fully review & compare options.

Important: We will ask if you would like a quote because your charter fee, in general, is non-refundable unless the exact dates are rebooked. We recommend that you get a couple of quotes and purchase your policy within 2 weeks of making your first charter vacation deposit.

Don't forget that you can add your airfare and pre charter or post charter ​hotels too!

1. Both crewed & bareboat yacht charters have strict trip cancellation policies.

Think the owner & manager of your charter yacht will understand when your plans change suddenly and you have to make an emergency trip cancellation? Probably not. They count on having the yacht booked, so all crewed yacht charter owners have very strict cancellation policies. It's tough, but that's the way it works. That's why we strongly recommend charterers buy trip insurance. Consider it an insurance policy that covers trip cancellations and trip interruptions.

2. Medical emergencies happen on charter trips, too.

When you're lounging on the aft deck, it's easy to forget you're miles from the nearest hospital. Even if you're in perfect health, you can never predict when you might break an ankle, suffer a heart attack, or come down with the flu. If you have an existing medical condition, then you are already aware of how important insurance can be in terms of reasons to cancel, or in case of medical evacuation. But insurance does not have to be for your own health. If your parents are in frail health and you could be called home unexpectedly, insurance really helps ease their minds. The same applies to our clients with young children being left at home.

For serious health emergencies, passengers may need to be airlifted to the closest medical facility. You don't want to see the bill for that, trust us. Some cruise travel insurance plans include coverage for accidents or medical emergencies.​

3. Yacht Charter travel insurance lets you relax.

The whole reason you wanted to go on a yacht charter vacation was to leave life's worries on shore. But it's tough to relax if you're worried about bad weather, illness, lost luggage, missed flights, theft, international emergencies or that big deadline at work. A good yacht charter travel insurance policy will offer coverage for the unexpected. Make sure you review your insurance plan carefully before you buy because not all plans offer the same coverage.

What if one of the couples in your group has a family member who gets sick or stuck in a snowstorm and they cannot go on the trip? We can help!

Trip Insurance Tip: Each couple can purchase their own trip insurance so that no one ends up short on sharing the charter fee. Some yachts may require the purchase of trip insurance during hurricane season. See the stories below and let us help you make an informed decision on which company is right for you!

Bottom Line: No matter how hard you try, there are some things you just can’t plan for.

If a family member gets sick.

If your baggage is lost.

If your trip is delayed.

Your passport is lost or stolen.

If weather prevents your travel.

You need to see a doctor for a sudden injury.

If you miss a flight connection.​

We can help you find the right trip insurance coverage for your vacation on a yacht.
Worried about missing your crewed yacht charter vacation? Buy Trip Insurance!

In Sickness and in Health: Many couples imagine the delightful experience of their sailing vacation in the Caribbean, especially when sun and relaxation in Virgin Islands, is in store. Patty. could only envision a blissful time shared with her husband, however, illness struck and the honeymooners had a change of plans.

After five days of an enjoyable vacation, Patty began to experience abdominal pains. Bed-ridden for more than two days and not feeling well enough to fly, Patty went to the emergency room at the local hospital, where she remained for nearly a week. Nervous and shaken, the couple phoned, Travel Guard, whose representatives explained that the couple's additional expenses incurred in Virgin Islands would be covered under their Travel Guard plan.

Regaining her strength, Patty filed her insurance claim through Travel Guard and more than $8,000 was paid, which covered medical expenses, travel expenses, and the unused portion of their vacation. This payment-and the professional and compassionate treatment the couple received-gave them great comfort after a difficult experience.

Family Emergency Cuts Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter Short: Setting sail in the British Virgin Islands, Matt of Manhattan, and his wife never expected to use their travel insurance plan; however, after unfortunate circumstances, they were relieved to find out about their extensive coverage through Travel Guard.

After receiving a phone call from a hospital back at home, Douglas learned of his mother-in-law's poor condition and needed to return home immediately. To his shock, each return ticket cost more than $900. Douglas received reimbursement through his Travel Guard plan covering the full amount of both tickets and the unused portion of their cruise.

"Since then, we've actually been traveling more frequently, and always use Travel Guard insurance," stated Douglas. "We also have a travel group, and will urge them to use Travel Guard, as well. Thank you for making a very difficult time a lot easier."

Getting Out in Front of the Hurricane: They knew there was a storm coming, but they felt "bullish" about sailing during the height of hurricane season in mid-August. With the St. Thomas airport scheduled to shut down in one hour, Frank and his family wanted to get out before the dangerous storm hit. Frank called Travel Guard's LiveTravel hotline to see if they could find them a flight to escape the storm. LiveTravel immediately rebooked the family on the next (and last) flight out.

They immediately rushed to the airport and made the flight that enabled them to get out before the hurricane wreaked havoc. But that's not all. Travel Guard's LiveTravel rep called Frank upon his arrival back home to make sure he and his family arrived safely. Just another great example of Travel Guard's exceptional service for its valued customers.

Tips For Dealing With a Trip Cancellation:

You made the reservations. You've packed everything you could possibly need for your vacation, from flip- flops to sunglasses. But even the best- planned trips can be derailed by circumstances beyond your control. What should you do if your trip gets canceled?

1. Do your best to reschedule canceled flights

2. If you miss a flight or are otherwise delayed, you need to make reasonable efforts to continue your trip. Find the nearest customer service desk to reschedule your flight as quickly as you can. You can also try calling the airline on your mobile phone or going online to reschedule your flight. If you have a travel insurance plan through Allianz Global Assistance, our 24-hour hotline assistance can help.

3. Know the difference between a trip interruption and trip cancellation:

If you experience a hiccup in your travel plans that slows you down or sends you home a little early, that's considered a trip interruption. But if you miss more than half of the total length of your trip because your travel is delayed, this situation may be considered a trip cancellation for insurance purposes.

Trip cancellation insurance gives cash back for prepaid, nonrefundable payments if you have to cancel your trip for one of the reasons covered by your policy. It also may cover the extra cost of single accommodations if your travel companion canceled his or her trip for a covered reason.

Most Importantly: Document Everything:

  • If you purchased trip cancellation insurance, you'll need to submit documentation that shows why your trip was canceled and the total amount you need to be reimbursed. Save every email and piece of paper related to your trip, including: Receipts and itemized bills for all expenses.

  • Original of any refunds or expense allowances received from your tour operator, travel agency.

Common Carrier, resort, property management company or other entity.

  • Copy of your resort invoice/vacation rental contract or confirmation.

  • Any appropriate documentation that officially explains the cause of your trip cancellation or interruption.

Any explanation of medical diagnosis along with your original itemized bills, receipts and proof of other insurance payments.

  • Original unused tickets, copies of invoices, proof of payments and other documents that substantiate the cost or occurrence of the trip cancellation or interruption.

  • Documentation of refunds received.

  • Copy of the supplier's literature that describes penalties.

  • A letter from the tour operator or an itemized bill from the travel agent stating the non-refundable amounts of the trip costs.

Allianz Details: Contact your travel insurance provider: If you purchased trip cancellation insurance, it's essential to let your insurance provider and your travel supplier know as soon as possible that your trip has been canceled. If you cancel your trip for a covered reason, you must notify your travel supplier(s) within 72 hours of the cancellation to qualify for the largest reimbursement possible.

Understand the covered reasons for canceling a trip.

If you have a plan with Allianz Travel Insurance, there are many covered reasons for last-minute trip cancellations. One common reason is a medical emergency: if you, your travel companion or a family member suffers a serious injury or illness. A doctor must examine the sick or injured person and advise that the trip be canceled.

Other covered reasons include personal misfortunes you can't control, such as losing your employment after three or more years on the job or suffering a burglary, fire or other disasters that leaves your home uninhabitable. You can find a full list of covered reasons for trip cancellation in the documents for your specific Allianz Travel Insurance plan.

Are you covered in case of an unexpected trip cancellation? Protect yourself and your travel investment with innovative trip insurance products by Allianz Travel Insurance.

*Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Insurance benefits are underwritten by either BCS, Jefferson Insurance Company or Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, depending on insured’s state of residence and plan type. AGA Service Company is the licensed producer and administrator of these plans. *Plans may not be available to residents of all states.

Don't worry about your vacation, enjoy it knowing you have trip insurance
Buy Trip Insurance for Your Yacht Charter Vacation

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