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Crewed Yacht Charter Winners in the USVI & BVI

See who won! "A robust charter yacht season is officially underway in the U.S. Virgin Islands". That’s the take-home message from the USVI Charter Yacht Show, held November 7 to 10, at IGY Marina’s Yacht Haven Grande St Thomas, and hosted by the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association (VIPCA) as a fully vaccinated event with COVID-19 protocols in place.

Over 100 brokers from the Caribbean, U.S., and Europe attended in person, with an additional 40 virtually, a figure that combines to underscore the Show’s must-do nature for this global charter yacht sales force. Nearly 40 yachts were open for the show, a number down from past years yet due to the industry’s success in that many yachts were already out on charter. Solid ongoing sponsor support from local and U.S.-based businesses and the Government of the Virgin Islands provides the firm foundation for the continued growth and success of the charter yacht industry and its economic contribution to the U.S. territory as part of the vibrant marine tourism sector.

The Honorable Albert Bryan Jr., Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, attended the charter brokers welcome event on November 7th, and made opening remarks:

“A year and a half ago we made a conscious decision that we were not going to close our shores to sailors. We were going to honor what is in our Virgin Islands national anthem, the Virgin Islands March, to ‘hold out a welcome for one and all’. That attitude has certainly paid off. I’d like to thank all the charter brokers who made last season one of the most amazing seasons on the water. Including, for the first time, charter boats in Christiansted and Frederiksted on St. Croix. Totally amazing,” says Governor Bryan.


Best Yacht in Show – 66ft & Over Winner: 120' Motor Yacht Burn Rate ◦ Crew: Evert Theron, Tanya Theron, Karien Koekemoer, Daan De Beer, Louis van Wyk Runner Up: 112' Motor Yacht Lady Sharon Gale ◦ Crew: Keith Cressman, Annette Sharpe, Zara Browne

Best Yacht in Show – 56ft – 65ft Winner: 65' Catamaran Aeolus ◦ Crew: Mayon Hight, Therese Gorsich, Elizabeth Bork

Best Yacht in Show – Up to 55ft Winner: 52' Catamaran Southern Comfort ◦ Crew: Ish Alexander, Julia Malone Runner Up: Sea Dog ◦ Crew: Keagan Steyn, Olivia Boyd

Best Crew in Show Winner: 65' Catamaran Justified Horizons ◦ Crew: Ryan Querry, Dani Querry, Christian Doyle Runner Up: Aeolus ◦ Crew: Mayon Hight, Therese Gorsich, Elizabeth Bork

Cocktail Mixologist Competition Grey Goose – 2021 Winner: Mixologist: Amy Cann, Let’s Play Too Runner Up: Mixologist: Zara Browne, Lady Sharon Gale

Cocktail Mixologist Competition Captain Morgan – 2021 Winner: Mixologist: Ish Alexander, Southern Comfort Runner Up: Mixologist: Ryan Querry, Justified Horizons

Culinary Competition – 2021

Appetizer 1. Tanya Theron, Burn Rate

Main Dish 1. Annette Sharpe, Lady Sharon Gale 2. Dani Querry, Justified Horizons

Dessert 1. Annette Sharpe, Lady Sharon Gale 2. Therese Gorsich, Aeolis Tied 2. Tanya Theron, Burn Rate

Award Winning Cuisine Aboard 112' Lady Sharon Gale



Addison Share our World Award: Graham & Kristiann Gips aboard 44' Catamaran ALLENDE

Every year a deserving crew is chosen for their attempts to bridge the gap between the crewed yacht world and the local community. Joining an illustrious list of winners, this year Graham & Kristiann from @sailallende have been honored for their commitment to booking local businesses to connect with their guests. Many such businesses may never have been on a boat or reached out to our industry for support. Congratulations!

Best in Show: 64' Catamaran Segundo Viento Crew: Lee Adams & Tyler Dawson The crew aboard Segundo Viento took the Best in Show award at the 2021 Fall Charter Show. Segundo Viento is a brand new Privilege 64. Her crew, Lee and Tyler, worked together on SV Zingara where they discovered their captain-chef teamwork was a winning combination.

Best Canape Winner - Tara Phelan aboard 62' Catamaran ELYSIUM

Best Canape Runner Up Tyler Dawson aboard 64' Catamaran SEGUNDO VIENTO

Best Cocktail & Canape Team Tara Phelan & Matt Mullins 62' Catamaran ELYSIUM

Best Cocktail Winner - Graham Gips aboard 44' Catamaran ALLENDE

Best Cocktail Runner-Up Jeff Nichols aboard 58' Catamaran PORT TO VINO

CYBA Hall of Fame Inductee Janet Oliver Best in Show Runner-Up:

44' Catamaran ALLENDE Crew: Graham & Kristiann Gips with Friday


About Us-Your Charter Yacht Brokers: Capt. Randy & Shelly Tucker!

We do not sell yachts like many other agencies so there is no conflict or distraction in our focus for your yacht charter. Our service is free to you. We travel extensively to boat shows and yacht charter shows year-round to personally view and inspect as many of the yachts.

6 Reasons Why We are Qualified:

1. As Members of the Charter Yacht Brokers Association and the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Yacht League, we maintain contact with the yachts to keep abreast of the very latest information on crew/yacht conditions and new yachts entering the arena.

2. We stay on top of local and Federal Governments to keep informed about changes in our industry, as well as involve ourselves with the changes in the environment in which we offer charters.

3. We engage in open dialogue with local publications to help keep the government and the public aware of this important industry in our islands.

4. We attend multiple charter yacht industry shows in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, go aboard each of the yachts, meet the crews, attend association meetings and seminars. We'll happily share our notes about changes to the boats and crews and confirm any newly added features and upgrades as well as re-fits to the boat’s decor like new carpets, interior and exterior soft goods & fun new water toys. 5. As a seasoned charter yacht Owner & Crew, we have access to the "inner circle" and know all the insider facts.

6. We've developed a longtime friendship with vendors of services such as local taxi drivers, ferry companies, good places to stay on land, great restaurants, and much more.


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