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Best Months to Enjoy a Yacht Vacation in Greece

We thought it would be fun to share info about what we’ve learned from our recent trip to Greece! As lovers of sailing & great vacation experiences, it’s fun to explore beyond the Virgin Islands.

Yacht charter catamarans on the quay in Nafplion Greece
Charter a Yacht Vacation in Greece

Let’s begin planning your crewed yacht vacation with info on the 5 sailing areas of Greece. See the chart below. With nearly 277 inhabited islands, the area is so large that you cannot possibly see it all in one week. So yes, it really does take some thought on where you want to go.

Learn about the 5 Sailing Areas of Greece
Five Sailing Areas of Greece

June, July and August are usually dry months, full of sunshine and plenty of opportunities to sail. See the attached file on "Discover Greece” with a suggested discussion on things to see & do for each of these sailing areas: Cyclades Islands, Saronic, Sporades and Dodecanese Islands. It is very helpful.

Discover Greece
Download PDF • 6.12MB

We've also attached a very specific suggested sailing itinerary one that was recently by the captain of 67’ Catamaran Kimata for our clients. (It’s great!)

Suggested Sailing Itinerary_Catamaran Kimata
Download PDF • 11.93MB

Typically, clients fly to ATH / Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos” the area is often referred to as “Attica".

What about the Weather & Wind in Greece?

Monthly Average Wind Speed and Water Temperature in Greece:

  • May: 10 kts / 71.6 °

  • June: 12 kts / 75.2 °

  • July: 15 kts / 78.8 °

  • August: 18 kts / 80.6 °

  • September: / 10-11 kts / 75 °

  • October: / 10-7 kts / 66 °

The sailing season is May to October. We feel like the water is too cool in May for lots of water sports activities such as snorkeling & swimming for extended periods of time; but we like June to mid-July. The #1 advice that we receive from the yacht managers for clients chartering in August to mid-September is “be flexible” with the itinerary. If the weather is affected by strong Meltemi winds the week of your charter, then your captain will sit down with the entire group and adjust the itinerary according to your needs, wishes and whether or not the group. The most important point to remember is that the captain will do what is best for you and make certain you have a great time. When the Meltemi does blow, it tends to be that much stronger in the afternoons and typically dies down again in the evenings. At the end of the sailing season in October, the winds are calmer; but the water is cooler.

On average the Meltemi dry Northerly wind blows at around 4 to 5 (20-38 kts) on the Beaufort Scale, but in August it can reach quite a lot higher which is anything between 5 and 7 or occasionally 8 too. For the seasoned sailor, it can be a real joy when the Meltemi starts to blow as it means there is some serious sailing to be enjoyed. If at any time, the winds blow 35+ knots, then you might want to alter your itinerary and sail the Peloponese coast (Saronic Islands) which is more sheltered. Although the Meltemi blows in the Aegean Sea, it does not affect the Ionian Sea which is too far to west and actually the Ionian and Aegean are two very different seas.

Learn what months are best to plan a yacht vacation in Greece
Popular Yacht Vacation Catamarans in Greece

So, let’s say that everyone really wants to go in August; but they are not great sailors and they are worried about wind. We suggest you plan a charter from Athens back to Athens enjoying either the Peloponese coast (Saronic Islands) OR the Cyclades IF the weather permits. (We wish we had a crystal ball to predict the weather!) When the charter is over, take a quick inexpensive commuter flight from ATH/Athens to MYK/Mykonos and stay in a resort or villa for 2-3 nights. While you are in Mykonos, hop a fast hydrofoil and go to Santorini for the day. Based on what our clients like you have said recently, they really don’t enjoy spending a lot time in either Mykonos or Santorini due to the huge cruise ship crowds; but they want to see it. This is a great option that allows everyone to say they’ve been there and it’s easy to fly home from the international airport in Mykonos.

2023 Visitor Statistics for Mykonos: While there are approx. 4,800 cruise ship passengers everyday that visit the ever popular islands of Mykonos & Santorini, there will be 15,000 cruise ship passengers visiting Mykonos on August 22, 2023. This is because there will be eight cruise ships docking in Mykonos on that day. On the same day, there will be 12,000 visitors from the cruise ships visiting Santorini. It’s important to know this so that you understand how crowded it can be. The numbers of visitors are growing every year to these 2 popular islands and it is impacting the experience overall.

Hope this gets the discussion started about planning a yacht vacation in Greece!

Don’t forget to open the “Discover Greece” and the “Suggested Sailing Itinerary” attachments. Spend some time reading them.

Cheers to planning another fun sailing trip sometime, somewhere in the world soon!

Great Crew on Yacht Charter Catamaran TIAmo in Greece
Your Crew on a Yacht Vacation


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