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2022 Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Show Competition Winners

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

One of the most important yachting events every year in the Virgin Islands is the seasonal launch of the yacht charter shows in the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. This year's show in the USVI was the biggest since 2019 and the most spectacular.

We visited over 100 yachts, both power and sail, with uniquely qualified professional crews. These yachts were on show to over 160 brokers from over 100 charter businesses in the Caribbean, U.S., and Europe, which market the territory’s customized boutique marine vacations.

We truly enjoyed a reminder & taste of local culture and history which was also offered in the opening ceremony with Caribbean Ritual Dancers and with a panel presentation by historians and national park tour experts on the second day.

Best Yacht in Show – 50’ & Under - Catamaran Ether Winner: Catamaran Ether, Crew: Richard and Dominique Vincent Runner Up: Oceana, Crew: Umberto Genovese and Judith van de Nieuwendijk

Crew Comments: “It’s having a good boat that’s well prepared, including all the latest water toys, and, of course, a huge focus on offering a truly great charter experience – that’s what I think contributed to our award,” says Captain Richard Vincent, who, with Chef Dominique Vincent, on the 50’ Lagoon, Ether, won Best Yacht in Show in the Up to 50’ category. The couple has 19 weeks of charters already booked for the season.

Best Yacht in Show – 51’-60’ Winner: Catamaran Altesse, Crew: Kennon Jones and Stephanie Johnson Runner-Up: Liquid Zen, Crew: Michael Wilson and Casey Strickland

Crew Comments: “We want guests to come on board, know they will be well taken care of and catered to, and have a trip of a lifetime, whether it’s seeing a new beach every day or enjoying a meal of their favorite or new favorite foods,” says Chef Stephanie Johnson, who charters with Captain Kennon Jones.

Best Yacht in Show – 61’ & Over Winner: Catamaran Seaclusion, Crew: Ricky Moss, Jessica Muller, Jacob Telford, and Lyndsay Vos Runner-Up: Aeolus, Crew: Mayon Hight, Elizabeth Bork, and Sam Middeke

Crew Comments: “Attention to detail and exceeding expectations is one of our strengths. For example, one guest listed a preference for decaf coffee on her preference list. So, in the evening, we used decaf when making expresso martinis as part of a 6-course tasting menu,” says Chef Jessica Muller.

Best Crew in Show - Catamaran C'est La Vie Winner: Robbie Sargeant, Sofia Ribeiro, and Dean Cumberbach, Boat: C’est La Vie Runner-Up: Austen Anderson and Philomena Anderson, Boat: Vicarious Honorable Mention: Casey Laaro and Angela Wilt, Boat: Pelican

Cocktail Mixologist Competition – Grey Goose Vodka – 2022 Winner: Maya Walsh, Nae Kae

Cocktail Mixologist Competition Captain Morgan Rum – 2022 Winner: Ryan Querry,

Culinary Competition – 2022 1st Place: Chef Neen Reynolds, Ocean Vibes

2nd Place: Chef Renata Himiona, Libra 3rd Place: Chef Cara Whiteman, Koru

2022 BVI Fall Charter Show Awardees Best in Show 1st - Catamaran Seaclusion

Best in Show 2nd - Catamaran Amaya

Best Appetizer 1st -Mystic Soul

Best Appetizer 2nd -Seaclusion Best Lunch 1st -Mystic Soul Best Lunch 2nd -Ebb & Flow

Best Dessert 1st -Ebb & Flow Best Dessert 2nd -Yolo

Cocktail Contest 1st -Mystic Soul Cocktail Contest 2nd -Port To Vino

Cocktail Contest 3rd -Yolo CYBA Designer Water Contest 1st -Serenity

CYBA Designer Water Contest 2nd -Yolo CYBA Designer Water Contest 3rd -Seaclusion


About Us-Your Charter Yacht Brokers: Capt. Randy & Shelly Tucker!

We do not sell yachts like many other agencies so there is no conflict or distraction in our focus for your yacht charter. Our service is free to you. We travel extensively to boat shows and yacht charter shows year-round to personally view and inspect as many of the yachts as possible.

6 Reasons Why We are Qualified:

1. As Members of the Charter Yacht Brokers Association and the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Yacht League, we maintain contact with the yachts to keep abreast of the very latest information on crew/yacht conditions and new yachts entering the arena. 2. We stay on top of local and Federal Governments to keep informed about changes in our industry, as well as involve ourselves with the changes in the environment in which we offer charters. 3. We engage in open dialogue with local publications to help keep the government and the public aware of this important industry in our islands. 4. We attend multiple charter yacht industry shows in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, go aboard each of the yachts, meet the crews, attend association meetings and seminars. We'll happily share our notes about changes to the boats and crews and confirm any newly added features and upgrades as well as re-fits to the boat’s decor like new carpets, interior and exterior soft goods & fun new water toys. 5. As a seasoned charter yacht Owner & Crew, we have access to the "inner circle" and know all the insider facts. 6. We've developed a longtime friendship with vendors of services such as local taxi drivers, ferry companies, good places to stay on land, great restaurants, and much more. Contact us for more info!

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