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Best of Crewed Yacht Charter Awards 2018

Judging from the participation at the recent crewed yacht charter shows in the U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and Antigua, tourism is on the rise in the Caribbean! The crewed yacht charter industry is considered boutique by nature and has developed a strong niche with very high standards and an emphasis on 5-star service. The competitions held at the industry shows are always a hot topic. Below is a comprehensive list of the winners of “Best of Show” as well as the winners of the “Chef’s Culinary Competitions”. We enjoy honoring all the talented Crews that entered the competitions in November & December 2018.

BVI Charter Yacht Society Winners November 6-9, 2018:

Best in Show: Catamaran Foxy Lady

Capt. Jason Van Groen, Kate Fairfield and Tayla Willows

The crew aboard Foxy Lady walked away with the Best in Show award for the second year in a row; a first since the award contest was started over 14 years ago. Judges of the Best Yacht in Show contest remain anonymous throughout the event. They take into consideration the whole spectrum of qualities that make a yacht and crew a winning charter combination.

Catamaran Foxy Lady Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation

Best Multihull over 57’: Catamaran Nenne

Capt. Donald & Audrey Harper and Dennis Roberts

Captain Donald and Audrey Harper Catamaran Nenne formerly Catamaran Bamarandi

Runner up over 57’: Catamaran Port to Vino with Jeff & Caitlin Nichols

Best Multihull under 57’: Catamaran A3

Capt. William Garnier & Kim Stoklasa

Runner up under 57’: Catamaran Gambit with Doug & Val Fairfield

Best Motor Yacht: Tucana with Mike Jones & Amy Briggs

Runner up Motor Yacht: Catamaran Jan’s FeLion with Kirk Robinson & Nia Mora

BVI Chef's Culinary Contest:

Winner Best Appetizer: Catamaran Laurel Lee

Runner up: Laura Kurton aboard Catamaran Twin

Winner Best Lunch Entrée: Leah Wheeler aboard Second Star to the Right

Runner up: Kate Fairfield aboard Catamaran Foxy Lady

Best Dessert: Khalila Bartley aboard Catamaran Laurel Lee

Runner up: Leanne Ho Chung aboard Catamaran Zingara

Best Dish Overall: Khalila Bartley aboard Catamaran Laurel Lee

At the Culinary Contest sponsored by Veuve Clicquot, recent graduate of the Ashburton Chef’s Academy, Khalila Bartley, took top prize. The eating habits of charter guests have changed dramatically since the early days of chartering.Chefs must be able to accommodate the variety of lifestyle disciplines adopted by their guests. With that in mind, this year’s theme was “Discover Plants: Eat Vegan”.

Award winning chef Khalia Bartley on Catamaran Laurel Lee

Best Designer Water:

First place: Shirelle Paris aboard Catamaran Serenity Now Second place: Khalila Bartley aboard Catamaran Laurel Lee

Third place: Vanessa Verster aboard Catamaran Callista

Sharing our World Award: Catamaran Gypsy Princess with Biff Smith and Amy Edmonds


USVI VIPCA Winners November 10-13, 2018

Best Yacht Over 52' sponsored by Cardow Jewellers - Catamaran La Reve

Best Yacht Under 52' sponsored by Cardow Jewellers - Catamaran Island Hoppin’

Best Yacht Runner Up Over 52' sponsored by Cardow Jewellers - Catamaran Shangri La

Best Yacht Runner Up Under 52' sponsored by Cardow Jewellers - Catamaran Starfish

Best Crew over 52' sponsored by Cardow Jewellers - Catamaran La Reve

Best Crew under 52' sponsored by Cardow Jewellers - Catamaran Starfish

Best Tender sponsored by Blue Water Yachting - Catamaran Blue Gryphon

Best Themed Yacht sponsored by Blue Water Yachting - Catamaran La Reve

Culinary Competition: with prizes sponsored by La Royale Cosmetics (Orogold)

CYBA Save the Blue - Water Competition sponsored by Charter Yacht Broker’s Association

Best Stoli Cocktail sponsored by Stoli - Catamaran Santa Ana

Best Captain Morgan Cocktail sponsored by Captain Morgan - Catamaran Island Hoppin’

*Sponsors of the USVI Charter Yacht show include the USVI Department of Tourism, Yacht Haven Grande, the Gowrie Group, Denison Yacht Sales, Moe’s Fresh Market, Cardow Jewelers, Stoli, Captain Morgan, distributed by Bellows International, IGY Marinas, the Charter Yacht Broker Association, La Royale Cosmetics and Harbor Shoppers.


Antigua Charter Show Winners: Dec. 4-10, 2018

19th Annual Chefs Culinary Contest 2018 Theme: A New Years Eve Dinner Party…Plus…A New Years Eve Decorative Table Setting

The 2018 Chefs Competition was a massive success with the chefs really enjoying this years theme. Three prominent charter brokers filled in guest preference forms for a New Years Eve Dinner Party Celebration and the chefs had to cook according to guests’ preferences with strict dietary needs.

The winners in the 160ft and over category:

  • 1st place Chef Peter “Frosty” Frost aboard Motor Yacht Eternity

  • 2nd place Chef Micail Swindalls aboard Motor Yacht Go

  • 3rd place Chef David Pearson aboard Motor Yacht Galaxy

Tablescaping winner : Echo Flores from Motor Yacht Eternity

Winners in the 126 to 159ft category:

  • 1st place Chef Sebastian Springer aboard Motor Yacht Harle

  • 2nd place Chef Jamie Sparks aboard Motor Yacht Berilda

  • 3rd place Chef Philip Clarke aboard Motor Yacht Ruya

Tablescaping winner: Robyne McNeil from M/Y Berilda

Winners in the yachts up to 125ft:

Tablescaping winner: Katie Kisch from Motor Yacht Unbridled

Sponsored by: Boat International Media Group, Boat International USA, Dockwalk, Kennedy's Club

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