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Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter Chefs Shine at Culinary Competitions

Luxury Crewed Charter Yacht Chef Charlie Blacker on Motor Yacht Trending

The talented yacht charter Chefs of the Caribbean competed for the right to claim their place in the spotlight at three charter yacht broker shows in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Tortola, British Virgin Islands and in Antigua in November & December. Let's take an in-depth look at the winners at each yachting event and honor their efforts. We've posted links to catamaran, sailboat and motor yacht crewed sailing charter vacation website. Yacht Charters Guru has been honored with 11 Culinary Competitions wins at past charter yacht events.

Yes! We definitely support & promote crewed yacht charter Chefs!

First, let's take a look at the winners in the USVI:

The VICL Culinary Contest always chooses a unique local ingredient to test the Chef's knowledge of island cuisine. This year, the judges were required to use Tamarind in their presentations.

VICL Crewed Charter Yacht Boat Show USVI 2016


First Place: Alisson Shivone on Catamaran PENTILSEA II

Second Place: Denise De Almeida on Catamaran BELLA VITA

Third Place: Erin Kalafski Catamaran RAVEN.

The Crewed Yacht Charter Cocktail Hour Competition Winners:

First Place- Catamaran FRANGINES- Ryan Querry

Second Place- Catamaran RAVEN- Luke Furnas

CYBA- The Charter Yacht Brokers Association has made great strides in promoting the use of all the yacht's onboard reverse-osmosis water systems, thereby reducing the amount of plastic water bottles being disposed in the islands. This year's winners for the creative infused "homemade" water contest were Catamaran NEMO with runners up Catamaran MANGO & Catamaran MAKAI closely following. An honorable mention was awarded to catamaran ISLAND R&R.

This year's crews really got into the swing of Mardi Gras with a costume contest! First Place was awarded to Catamaran ZEPHYR's Matt Miles, Second Place to Monohull Sublime's Chef Stephanie Johnson and Third Place to Capt. Bill Pickney onboard Catamaran LADY DEE


The CYS BVI Yacht Charter Society Show Held at Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola, BVI:

BVI Charter Yacht Society Show 2016

Best Appetizer ON Yachts Under 60'

GRAHAM'S PORT: Rebecca Evan

XENIA 50: Jade Konst / Runner Up

Best Entree on Yachts Under 60'

SECRET OASIS: Georgia Stoica

GRAHAM'S PORT: Rebecca Evans

Best Dessert on Yachts Under 60'

XENIA 50: Jade Konst

SECRET OASIS: Georgia Stoica

Best Appetizer on Yachts Over 60'

XENIA 62: Chrizaan Troch

BAMARANDI: Audrey Harper / Runner Up

Best Entree on Yachts Over 60'


TIGER LILY: Nikki Felman

Best Dessert on Yachts Over 60'

AKASHA: Briar Smith


Best Dish Overall: Chocolate Lobster Mofongo by Georgia Stoica on SECRET OASIS


The yachts voted BEST IN SHOW:

BVI Charter Yacht Society Show 2016

Yachts Under 57':

Capt. Mario Caron & Chef Karine Durocher

ALTESSE / Runner Up

Capt. Richard & Chef Sarah Bowman

Yachts 57' & Over:

Capt. Donald & Chef Audrey Harper & B. Evans

LUAR / Runner Up

Jonathan Flint & Samantha Hodge

Best Motor Yacht:

SEA BOSS: Capt. Darrell Heame & Chef Jennifer Hart

Best in Show:

LIR: Capt. Greg & Chef Vaness Langridge


Antigua Charter Show 2016

The 17th annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show’s Concours de Chef Competition featured a Caribbean Surf & Turf Theme:

The winners were announced at The Admirals Inn in Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua.

The Chefs were judged on the following:

• Originality/ Creativity • Presentation • Taste/Flavor • Adaptation to theme/Caribbean twist • Execution Craft/Technique • Overall Impression

Yachts in the 160 feet and greater category:

Motor Yacht Trending: Chef Charlie Blacker / Grand Prize

Motor Yacht Elysian: Chef Karl Elliot / 2nd Place

Motor Yacht Callisto: Kdn Lyne / 3rd Place

Yachts in the 126 feet to 164 feet category:

Motor Yacht Excellence: Chef Eric Davis

Motor Yacht At Last: Chef Michael Power

Yachts up to 126 feet category:

Sailing Yacht P2: Chef Sheree Murray / 1st Place

Motor Yacht Unbridled: Chef Dan Wright / 2nd Place

Sailing Yacht Toto: Chef Lauren Loudon / 3rd Place

Tablescaping Competition:

Motor Yacht Callisto: Stewardesses Olivia Cserjen

Motor Yacht Trending: Charlie Blacker

About Us: Captain Randy & Shelly Tucker

We're former Owners & Captain of the Award-winning 72' yacht Three Moons for 18 years. With over 300 charters in our logbook, we currently represent privately crewed Caribbean sailing luxury yacht charters as professional CYBA yacht charter brokers. Recently, we interviewed over 120 catamarans, motor yachts, sailboats and professional crews. We're happy to promote these yachts offering modern conveniences & unlimited pleasure while sailing the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.

What should you expect from a luxury crewed yacht charter in the Caribbean? It's "all about you, all the time" onboard a privately crewed charter boat! It's surprisingly affordable too! Far away from overcrowded cruise ships, all-inclusive charter yachts allow you to explore some of the Caribbean’s most exclusive areas and delight in the natural, unspoiled beauty of secluded islands, hidden coves and secret dive sites. Sail to a nearby island every day & snorkel around your own private beaches; enjoy your favorite cocktail while watching the sunset on your own private yacht; indulge yourself with 5-star gourmet cuisine that is prepared with Caribbean flair and served in the most beautiful surroundings you could ever imagine.

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